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There are 3 scenarios post Halving of Bitcoin, that the price increase, the price decrease or the price will collapse. The majority of experts are betting on the recovery or the fall, can this drive the price to $10,000 really? In this topic we will discuss the two possible scenarios discussed. The Halving of Bitcoin is to only 36 days of becoming a reality. And the experts don’t take away the eye for a second at the prices in the crypto market.

Scenarios post Halving of Bitcoin

Get the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will increase!

The crypto market is recovering, albeit gradually. The collapse of the march 12, saw the market capitalisation sank to $144 billion. What you want to say that it lost more than $60 billion by the crisis that marked the arrival of the new pandemic of the Coronavirus. Despite everything, the recovery of Bitcoin has been very constant. The price today has exceeded the barrier of $7.000. The domain of the currency in the market has begun to increase again due to this recovery. This has made many analysts positive to say that 2020 will be a year very solid for Bitcoin, despite all the global economic crisis. And for all of the above, these characters do not believe the Halving of Bitcoin will not adversely affect the coin, but, quite the contrary. The analyst PlanB continues to defend the claim that his model “stock-to-flow ratio points” point to a new recovery, in the midst of a volatile tumultosa.

Prediction Bitcoin

Therefore, even though a prediction that Bitcoin reach of new highs is perhaps very risky. But, definitely BTC will be Halving with more than $10,000 per token.

“In addition, there is no doubt that there is capital to boost Bitcoin to this height, as well as the interest of the public which is waiting for its bull run to be mounted in the best investment of your life.”

In fact, the responses of governments to the looming recession can make the cryptocurrencies are even more attractive. For example, with its plan to print money indiscriminately as an attempt to maintain traditional economies, supported on nothing. On the other hand, Mark Helfman writes:

“Don’t underestimate the potential of this financial crisis to stimulate people to buy cryptocurrencies and build businesses around products, services and processes based on these disruptive technologies”.

The price of Bitcoin will collapse

On the other side of the crypto currency. There are those experts who are not so optimistic about the Halving of Bitcoin, and bet that you can’t drive the price to $10,000. While most of the people rely on history as an indicator, there are those who believe that the price of Bitcoin will collapse after the Halving. In fact, some believe that the event, combined with the current crisis of Coronaviruses, it will cause massive competition among miners, with devastating effects on the price of the currency. A very similar situation to the one experienced with BCH and BSV, which did fade out of the market thousands of millions of dollars. In a thread recently of Twitter, some analysts cryptocurrencies popular had a quite different opinion.

According to some, the price of the currency might fall in the range between $ 2000 and $ 2200 between the months of may June. The main reason for this decrease in mass is the fact that there are mining operations which would aim to be a complete monopoly after the Halving of Bitcoin. These are prices well below the cost of balancing the mining of Bitcoin, even for large farms of chinese miners. However, some analysts believe that there are companies that, in theory, could afford to operate at a loss in order to establish a total control over the market. Do you think, does the Halving can drive the price of Bitcoin to $10,000, or the price to go along with the global economy?

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