Dutch fa (KNVB) sold the tickets to the Netherlands, to Estonia via the blockchain

Where are the practical applications of the blockchain? The BOARD has made over the past week, at least, a great man. The Dutch champions have sold the ticket of the Netherlands, to Estonia via the blockchain. This was done with the bond, in order to prevent fraud. According to a blog post for a list of Life.

Blockchain is in position on the PDF ticket

In lieu of a ticket and a PDF file were the supporters in the stadium, with an app. The bar code could not be activated at the time when a fan in the stadium. In this way, it is impossible to see the picture and copy it several times to sell it. It is also more environmentally friendly, in a card, printing a thing of the past.
What’s THE exact use of the blockchain, it is not well known. As we know, for example, does not, or if the application is running in an open or a closed blockchain. What we do know is that the CHAMPIONS of last year, blockchain technology is widely used at the time of purchasing tickets. This was during the UEFA Super Cup match on vicente calderon against Real Madrid. All cards were using the blockchain app being sold.

It was a great game

If you’re in the game yesterday, haven’t seen the Netherlands and won by a whopping 5-0 by Spain. Georginio Wijnaldum was the man of the match, he made it a hat-trick. Calvin Stengs, and Myron still doing it, from a-Z made their first appearance. The latter, having scored just before time.

Tickets will be sold via the blockchain

Tickets will be sold via the blockchain, it is a concept that is often thought of, but in practice it is still a little rare. In the Netherlands the platform the CLIENT is trying to change.
According to them, the tickets are still far too common for one to be sold on the secondary market. In addition, the risk of fraud in the sale of tickets using the blockchain to zero. It is almost impossible to sell a copy.

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