Ethereum Scam Whale Alert – plus token transferred $ 190 million

Plus the token was probably one of the largest Ponzi schemes in the history of the crypto-currencies. At that time, a total of over 3 billion USD were stolen in Bitcoin and Ethereum investors. Still, the initiators try to wash the bitcoin and Ethereum in various ways. Especially in the case of Ethereum, the more difficult but currently in addition. The network is currently Overloaded strong.

Plus token the stolen bitcoin and Ethereum is still trying to wash

Plus token has caused a lot of losses and suffering to the investors. Until today, some still believe that the company will return. The hope dies last but there is absolutely no reason to hope for a turnaround. The plus token, fraudsters are trying to wash for several months, the stolen Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, in the case of the stolen volume is not so easy. Mainly because the addresses of the thieves are known, and in the case of the well-known stock exchanges are blocked.

This time, the plus token scammers, however, have a different Problem. The Ethereum network is congested and more difficult, therefore, the transactions between different addresses in order to disguise the origin of the ETH in the best possible way. According to the Whale Alert, the plus token scammers have tried a total of 789.533 ETH, to transfer an equivalent value of approximately 190 million USD, on a other address.

Congestion in the Ethereum network complicates the matter

From the address of origin, on which the majority of the stolen Ethereum is trying to transfer smaller amounts to different addresses. A total of 50 transactions were only one of them signed but seems to be have been confirmed. The remaining transactions were stuck a few hours ago still in the Mempool. The reason for this is not censorship or something similar, but a high load on the Ethereum network and low fees, the fraudulent transactions but it is.

This is the plus token scammers, of course, their tracks stop continue to blur. It will likely take several years until all the crypto-currencies have been washed. A there is no guarantee but. The whole Blockchain Space is always transparent and regulated. Thus, it is for scammers now it is not so easy, the stolen crypto-currencies to wash with no further problems.

Thus, we can e.g. look forward to receiving further plus token news in the coming weeks and months, the will continue to attempt to conceal the theft, and the crypto-currencies in anonymous crypto-currencies (. Monero), FIAT, or property values exchange. The danger of a Dump, but exclude out of date, because none of the major exchanges that have the necessary liquidity, accept currencies of the stolen Crypto. We stay on it and will keep you informed about important events in relation to plus token up to date.

The impact of the stolen Bitcoin and Ethereum of a plus token to the crypto market in the future?

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