Filter out confidential files from Intel after security breach

The american manufacturer of integrated circuits, Intel, suffered a leak of 20 GB of sensitive data related to their processors for computers. The information belonging to the Resource Center, and the Design of the company who said it was not hacked.

The documents were posted for a software engineer, identified as Till Kottmann in the service MEGA, a platform for sharing files in the cloud. Kottmann says it has received the data from a hacker that would have violated the Intel to the beginning of 2020.

The information stolen, including technical specifications, product guides and manuals for CPU, formed the first part of a leak of major proportions that still would not have been revealed.

The alleged hacker told a Kottmann received the data then violate a hosted server in the CDN (content delivery network) of Akamai. In addition, the involved rule out that you have used an account of the resource center from Intel, that is to say, that I would not have used any user name and password to gain access to the information.

According to the specializing in technology ZDnet, Intel is investigating what happened, but the company said that its systems were not hacked, which contradicts the version of Kottmann.

“We are investigating this situation. The information seems to come from the Resource Centre and Design of Intel, which houses information for the use of our customers, partners and other external parties who have registered for access. We believe that an individual with access, downloaded it, and shared this data,” said Intel.

Between the filtered data there is a folder identified as “secret restricted Intel”. Source: ZDnet.

The Resource Center and Design from Intel is a platform which provides technical documents to its trading partners and that are not in the public domain.

Although there are no reports of the compromised data include private data of the employees of Intel and / or customers of the company, there remains the doubt about if this information was not exposed. One of the folders identified as “secret restricted Intel” contains data on the firmware or code of initialization.

Anyone who has been the cause that generated the data breach, attention is called to this type of situation occurs within one of the most recognized companies in the world of information technology. In any case, if this is a supposed first part of a filtration, Intel has not officially confirmed if he has been blackmailed to not spread it.

Neither mentioned the execution of attacks ransomware through which hackers can encrypt corporate information and ask for a ransom for its return. Breaking News has been cases reported with this modality in which hackers demand payment in bitcoin.

Last week an attack ransomware to multinational business travel management CWT resulted in the payment of $ 4.5 million in bitcoins to restore your data hostage.

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