Hackers Bitcoin stolen $24 billion in 2020

We know that hackers have managed to steal a lot of money in cryptocurrencies. However, what happens if I tell him that hackers Bitcoin has been stolen from US$ 24 million in just the first few months of 2020?

Hacking, is a lucrative activity?

Obviously, the hacking has turned out to be an activity that achieve to extract significant amounts of money. But this not only happens through the cryptocurrencies.

In the crypto community often report different hacks on different crypto exchanges or wallets where they made off with a significant amount of Bitcoin or other criptomoneda.

But, do not had a consolidated information regarding all of the thefts of Bitcoin that have occurred. That’s why the Whale Alert, the bot of Twitter, decided to work with Scam Alert with the aim of producing a new report with the aim of giving a follow-up to computer crime.

In this sense, the 10 of July were published through the Medium of a report entitled “Chasing the Crypto-Criminals,” and today we will tell you about it.

What 2020 has also been a bad year for Bitcoin?

Basically, Whale Alert along with Scam Alert worked to collect all the available information and came to the following conclusion: The crypto crimes are profitable.

In this sense, the information collected found that in the last 4 years they have stolen 38 million us dollars only with activity of scammers Bitcoin. Something important is that they did not consider the Ponzi schemes, an industry of billion dollars.

But, what happens if I say that the total stolen in the last 4 years, 63% was extracted in the first 6 months of 2020?

24 million dollars stolen in 2020

The report found that $ 24 million in Bitcoin were stolen by hackers during the first 6 months of 2020.

In fact, Whale Alert emphasizes that some of the scams most successful earned over $130,000 in a single day.

“The market scam is characterized by high profits, no taxes, minimal effort and zero risk, and by the end of 2020 we predict that there will be grown more than twenty times from 2017 to an annual income of at least us $ 50 million“, the report noted.

Graph provided by the report of Whale Alert where we see the exponential growth of the crypto thefts in 2020.

Obviously these figures are worrying, in particular because they generate incentives within the criminal industry to continue expanding and growing stronger.

This growth of the criminal industry that affects the cryptocurrencies causes a major impact on the lives of the people.

However, it is a situation that not only involves Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but that the hackers go for any kind of money.

The main mechanism that take advantage of the criminals to make off with your funds is your innocence. A lot of the hackers manage to convince you and to trick you into give them your money.

In this sense, the report proposes that the crypto exchange are the entry doors between the world of fiat and the cryptocurrencies. Therefore, “should active education to newcomers about the dangers on blockchain and avoid sending anything to addresses of scam known or suspected”.

In this world full of hackers of Bitcoin, you should be suspicious and always doubt. We must stay always safe!

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