How profitable it is for the mining of bitcoin in 2019 and after, the bitcoin block halving of the europe 2020 Breaking News

The bitcoin block halving was not until more than six months, however, manufacturers of mining equipment already working on a new model.
Think of it as Bitmain, Pangolin, Ebang, Innosilicon, and almost all of the other well-established names.

500% more powerful

It seems that within a very short period of time, with many new models have been released. The stores are full of them. Some of the models have even been a 500 per cent more powerful than its predecessors in terms of hashrate.
Hashrate shows in the fact that the computing power of the bitcoin network. On the 26th of september, it was an all-time high, with most 108,5 million TH/s. In order to put this in perspective, that is 160 percent more than on January 1, 2019. TH/s for a terra hash per second.

The development of faster and newer miners

This increase in the hashrate has a number of causes, one of which is the increase in the price is one of them. Another possible cause of this problem is the development of the next generation of miners.
Take, for example, the Microbt Whatsminer M20S from Pangolin. It will be in August of 2019 was released, and will be powered by TSMC’s 12nm chips, and so on. The M20S can be up to 70 TH/s with power consumption of 3360W. Compared to the older models. The M3 and the M10 is provided, respectively, in 12 TH and 33 TH/s.
The MicroBT Whatsminer M21S in June 2019 at the latest release, and is known to be one of the more powerful miners. The M21S features of the 56-TH world.

Bitmain is doing well with it

In the meantime, the China-based Bitmain in the process of rolling out new models of their popular Antminer ASIC. The new models are Antminers are S17, S17, Pro and T17e. These come in a range of between the 50 TH/s to the 65 TH/s. In the next S17 + model takes it a step further and brings to 73 the TH/s.
The other major manufacturers, this year’s comparable products have been released, Ebang, with their E12 (50TH/s and Innosilicon, with the T3 (52TH).

7nm chips will be essential for the next halving

Now that we are getting closer to the halving will come to add more and more manufacturers have 7nm chips, and the miners. Bitmain seems to be in a leadership role to play. They have to handle these chips in a variety of models that they are, at the end of this year on the market.
In the march, wrote, Zheping Huang, the South China Morning Post that the Bitmain assuming that the halving, by 2020 and will lead to more demand for the miners, with a 7nm chip. They base this belief on the their experience during the last halving is in 2016.
At the time of their Antminer S9 is not to be a drag. This was the most popular miningmachine. Bitmain started to close up for the halving in 2016 and the sale of the S9, and, eventually, they sold as many as more than 60% of the total hashrate because of the S9.

Increases or decreases in share price and the hashrate after the halving?

A logical argument is that the miners will stop the mining of bitcoin as the reward is cut in half is. The S9 is the living proof that it couldn’t be true, at least not in 2016. The hashrate continued to grow, even after the first of July, 2016 when the halving take place did not.
This time, they will get competition from their own country. It’s a Chinese company, Canaan-Creative, for example, has all of its own, 7nm chips. It is expected that other competitors, such as Ebang and Bitfury will soon join the initiative.

The miners pull the plug out of the older machines

If you look at the stock price just before and after the last halveringen, then you can conclude that the halving will be good for the price of a single bitcoin. Such a pattern may still be useful. In spite of the recent setbacks is a bitcoin in 2019, will still be one of the better assets you could compare it with any other computer programs or with gold, obligaten, stocks, and commodities).
Should this be in the next few months to stand, and then the next halving is the starting point for a new bullrun.
Despite the rise, it is becoming more and more difficult to make a profit with mining. This is not only true for you and me, but also for the great miningfarms. If the bitcoinprijs after the halving onverhoopts however, do not increase in value, then this may lead to a declining hashrate.
The reason for this is that the rewards for mining have been halved. If the majority of miners are still using older equipment are working, then they will not have to make a profit, because the market is flooded with new equipment. Under these circumstances, it may be they only have to do two things: upgrade it or the plug will pull out. In the latter case, the hashrate will decrease.

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