Mark Cuban always wants to win for this presidential term

The aspirations of the entrepreneur billionaire Mark Cuban to occupy the first function in the United States are still relevant. Although he had previously advanced this idea many times, she has been called on the carpet when the ” Reset Your Mindset at Work “, an event co-organized by Yahoo! and Fortune.

A new challenge

“It is very unlikely because of the timing, but stranger things have happened. You know me, I’m a contractor, I won’t say never no, ” he said of his possible candidacy for the post of president of the United States of America.

Giving its opinion on the government response in the face of the pandemic of the COVID-19, Cuban says that the president, Donald Trump does not have a flexibility great enough to cause an asymmetry of information. These remarks are plausible given that the character is a member of the advisory committee of the Great Trump Economic Revival Industry Group.

Truth be told, manipulation, the rise in the stock market, this being motivated by the pandemic, leading to an opacity of data and figures relating to companies, besides the exogenous factors that makes the blur the prospects of the market.

Yes to the Blockchain, not Bitcoin

The anti-crypto Mark Cuban had marked the minds of the public in his appearances. Curiously, the technology Blockchain is not in itself a problem for the character.

From time to time, he deplores the complexity of the system of crypto-currencies, which requires a long-term approach to a public, non-connoisseur is able to assimilate it properly. In addition, Mark Cuban had made unflattering comments, so that the bitcoin is not worth much outside of extraneous considerations that are attributed to him.

We note in passing that the character has admitted last April to hold bitcoins. However, this is not a turnaround compared to these positions vis-à-vis the crypto-currencies, but rather due to the acceptance by the Dallas Mavericks of the asset for the purchase of tickets and goods.

In reality, Cuban does not accumulate the bitcoins in its wallet, a few hundred dollars denominated in BTC is enough for him.

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