Meld Gold runs the gold trading with the Blockchain

In order to make it more efficient and more transparent, the sale of physical gold, the startup australian Meld Gold has developed a platform Blockchain is designed to support the trading of gold tokénisé.

A solution based on decentralization

While other platforms offer the chips backed by the gold in their possession, the chips Meld Gold correspond to them to the gold held by the various entities of the network, including the Melbourne Mint.
Supported by the decentralized industry, the issuance of gold coins will be based on supply and demand on the market, that is to say, taking into account both the factors related to the gold market, physical and digital.
In-depth, Meld Gold said :

“The vaults are independent still contain gold, as do the refineries that will receive the gold. At each of these points in the supply chain, gold coins can be struck and stored. No one entity will own all the gold. Like that, there would be no single point of failure central.

In order to carry out the system, Meld Gold has already entered into partnerships with many businesses for the supply chain of gold. They have promised to become faithful providers of the platform since its launch, expected in the third quarter of this year.

A single solution

It is to be noted that the solution of Meld is a real revolution in the gold sector.
Peter August, CEO of the merchant of ingots Melbourne Mint, argues in this regard :

“Many companies have tried to create their own version of the chips backed by the gold, but what Meld is new. They use the technology Blockchain not only to emulate, but also to improve the market of the real gold “.

After the launch of this platform, Meld is planning to extend its network of local partners as well as international, in particular North America, in Asia and in Europe for the next year.
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