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May 26, 2020, London. The trading of cryptocurrencies has never been so popular and with the tool of trading of arbitration 24/7 Bitbengrab has never been so easy. Just ten years after the emergence of Bitcoin, has created thousands of digital assets, with hundreds of exchanges open in all over the world to allow users to freely bought and sold coins, tokens and all types of digital currency.Unlike the traditional markets, the markets of crypto possess unique characteristics that make them very attractive for the aspiring trader.The first most notable feature is the volatility of the criptomercados. While oscillations of 5% can be seen as impressive for the actions, the cryptocurrencies often fluctuate 10% or more in a single day. Bitcoin fell 80% in 24 hours in march 2020, and was recovered a few days later. For the trader ambitious willing to operate on swings, this means huge potential gains.The second feature of the criptomercados is the fact that they are still very young, especially in comparison to the currency markets or values. The criptomercados only have existed in the last ten years and there is still plenty of room to grow. The actions and the foreign exchange market have had nearly a century to adjust their models and reactions of prices. Because of this, some exchanges in some parts of the world may be slow to react to the average price or global to have variables extreme in supply and demand.And here is where the arbitrage opportunities of crypto.

The market that never sleeps

In the trading, arbitrage simply means taking advantage of the price difference between the two markets. In the trading of cryptocurrencies, a digital asset surely be sold at different prices on any exchange in a given time. It is said that an operator who buys the asset in the Stock market with a lower price and sold it in the Bag B with a higher price has completed an operation of arbitration.However, in normal days, the price difference is quite small, usually small enough so that the potential gain is negligible by the commissions of withdrawal. So, there is still the risk that, if not done properly, or execute the orders fast enough, operators can take a loss.Trading arbitrage means risk-free trading, where profits are guaranteed by the price differentials are so large that it is impossible to lose money. And these opportunities are always happening daily in scores of exchanges around the world and thousands of digital assets marketed.But these arbitrage opportunities do not occur often and do not last long. Own exchanges will notice the price difference and will work to adjust them. How, then, can a trader of crypto to move fast enough to capitalize? The answer is the Service of Trading of Arbitration of Bitbengrab.

Bitbengrab arbitrates all day, every day

Bitbengrab use libraries to connect to multiple exchanges and get price data and order books at intervals precise. Then analyzes the data from multiple pairs of market and exchanges, to find price differences.Then shown to the users several arbitrage opportunities to the whole test. Users can perform these operations manually. Better yet, you can use API key to connect their exchanges with Bitbengrab for transactions to be made automatically from the control panel.

29 exchanges are supported and counting

Bitbengrab can perform arbitration automatically in 29 exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex and Bittrex, allowing users to negotiate in several exchanges important. It is recommended that users first verify your KYC in all of these exchanges to open up the ceilings. We have prepared a video tutorial Bitbengrab complete to help users to connect securely.Users only need to grant permissions to the API Bitbengrab for balance and trading. Never withdraw or deposit in the exchange accounts of a user. The team Bitbengrab is waiting to help all users with their API document exchange specific, or any questions about the permissions API.The team of experts in trading and programming Bitbengrab has decades of collective experience. The company Bitbengrab is incorporated in the United Kingdom as BITBENGRAB LTD.More information about Bitbengrab:
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