Platform for art on Ethereum reached millionaire trade volume

Key facts:

The volume of sales in SuperRare for the 2020 reached USD 1.6 million.

The market would be in a wave of speculative that also accompanies the Set.

The platform for the marketing of digital art on Ethereum, SuperRare, you experience a dramatic growth in 2020. The volume for the first seven months of the year have already reached $ 1.6 million.

The figure speaks of the interest that would have currently on the market of the tokens are not fungible (NFTs), also known as criptocoleccionables.

The amount called the attention whereas, in January, the volume was 344.000 dollars. That is to say, the sales of digital art in SuperRare have almost increased five-fold, according to data supplied by the firm Messari. For the analyst, Mason Nystrom, the market growth would be accompanied by the impulse experienced by the finance decentralized (DeFi) in the last few months.

“The DeFi is having a (good) year, but the NFTs are also growing in popularity. NFT has grown especially in the niche of digital art (…) and presents a useful mechanism to preserve the scarcity (digital) and the verifiability of the works of art,” said Nystrom.

The conditions for the sales of art in SuperRare work in the following way: the platform gets a 15% commission, while the artist receives the 85% of the price paid. In addition, the creator can get an additional 10% royalty on all sales of secondary performing of their works.

The user @curiousnfts sold the work “Rubik’s Awe” by 43.25 ETH ($13.989). Obtained a gain of almost 800% then it at 1.568 dollars six months ago. Source: SuperRare /

According to figures of SuperRare, have already been sold more than 8,000 pieces with 1.3 million dollars in profits for the artists and more than 400,000 dollars for the collectors of 178 countries.
The boost in sales of the platform would be related to a wave of speculation in the markets of this type that would also include Opensea, Nifty Gateway and Makerplace. This current is evidentiary in that the pieces are reaching new records of sale. A recent case was the “Picasso’s Bull” (The bull of Picasso), which was sold at $ 55,000.

A landmark case in the sale of tokens non-expendable was recorded in may of 2018 when a CryptoKitty sold for $ 140,000, reported Breaking News. The auction was to collect funds that would be earmarked to finance a project related to blockchain and art.

According to their volume of trade weekly, the main platforms for markets of this type are: The Sandbox, Super Rare, Sorare, Decentraland, Ethereum Name Service, Axie Infinity and MakersPlace.

In march of this year a study of Nonfungible indicated that the market for tokens collectibles was at the point of “boiling”. The firm predicted that the total capitalization of this market to the year 2020 would reach 315 million us dollars, which would present a growth of 50% in comparison with the 2019 when it stood at USD 210 million.

“Salvator Futurae Humani” was sold on the platform for 15 ETH (3.664 dollars). Source: Super Rare /

A token non-expendable asset is a digital single that is not interchangeable, it is indivisible and does not consume. In addition, it has an identifier particular that sets it apart from the rest as a collectible. Although there are several standards to generate this type of token, the most widely accepted is the CKD-721 with an enhanced version in the CRD-1155.

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