#QuédateEnCasa and I know an expert in Bitcoin

The global situation for the Coronavirus becomes every day more and more concern throughout the world. Everything indicates that this environment is exposing and bringing to light the fragility of the global economy, and how volatile that can be Bitcoin. However, it is in our hands to protect ourselves, with the campaign in the world, #QuédateEnCasa. Personally, I think that the crisis will be well used by governments both for the benefit of the geo-political as to justify the bad economic health. And in regards to us, what remains for us is to take advantage of our time of quarantine by Coronavirus. For that reason, we bring to you a list of some of the courses free and online to learn about Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Ready to learn from Bitcoin and Blockchain while braking, the Coronavirus

Guide Bitcoin Bit2Me 2020

Bit2me Academy offers a free course very full that allow them to understand what is Bitcoin. Supporting the proposal of the governments and people of #QuédateEnCasa. The guide contains over 50 chapters totally free and in Spanish. It has all the necessary information to become an expert of Bitcoin and the technologies surrounding it, such as Blockchain or Smart Contracts. In addition, this guide is for free distribution, so that you can copy, print and share with your friends. With the articles of this guide, you will learn what is Bitcoin, what are the advantages of using it, such as store it safely, how to use it, as well as the transparency of the Blockchain and a long compendium of information. Surely with Bit2me Academy, your perspective on Bitcoin and the criptoverso will be more complete.

Free courses in Tutellus to the quarantine

If the quarantine you is overwhelming, we suggest the courses of this learning platform. In this way we can keep the campaign #QuédateEnCasa, protecting the people. Tutellus is the Platform of collaborative learning largest of the hispanic world. With thousands of video courses and millions of students, that you can take advantage of in this home quarantine. Likewise, Tutellus is a platform that has understood the importance of technology Blockchain. He has even created his own token. But if what you want is to learn about the technology of the chain of blocks, here I leave you the link to access the free courses. You will find more than 15 free courses in Spanish and you can review comments and ratings from students for you to consider which may be of interest to you.

Free courses at Udemy

Udemy is another online training platform, which will allow you to deal with this pandemic by Coronavirus. Udemy offers several free courses on Bitcoin and Blockchain. The platform has a collection of business courses and technicians that will allow you to expand your abilities and develop new skills, as the trading. The advantage of these online courses is that you learn at your own pace, in your space and when you want. The downside for many will be that the majority of the courses are in English, but don’t leave a review if are of your interest.

Free course of the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona

With this course you will learn and you will learn the tools and utilities related to Bitcoin. This way when the end of the movement of #QuédateEnCasa, you will be an expert in Bitcoin. You will also learn about their origin, functioning, projections, business opportunities, how to sell, get and store your Bitcoin. As well as other utilities that go beyond the marketing and focus on your technology. Something important to note is that, you don’t need any kind of additional knowledge to be able to perform this course. You just need a computer with stable connection to the Internet to access the content.

Course Andreas Antonopoulos

Another recommendation to take advantage of this quarantine for the Coronavirus is the course given by Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the most well-known bitcoiners in the criptoverso. In this course he shares his knowledge along with Antonis Polemitis, of the University of Nicosia. Highlighting that it represents the first course in the master of science in cryptocurrencies. This course puts Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies in the broad framework of the history of money, before we talk about the practical implementations of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, the evolutionary relationship between them and the financial institutions and the rest of the world. The most important thing is that this course does not require no requirement of prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies to start. Only, there is a final exam to measure your understanding of the concepts taught. Try to make the time at home to be of value, as it passes this global threat of the Coronavirus. Protect yourself and your loved ones, #QuédateEnCasa.

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