Record ROI: Ethereum is the “Investment of the decade”, if it follows this Chart

Crypto wolf (@IamCryptoWolf) has recently made some bold statements on Twitter and a chart with his Ethereum-forecasts to 2020 published.
Could Ethereum (ETH) will be the best investment of the new decade? According to the crypto wolf (@IamCryptoWolf) will follow the second-largest Asset in terms of market capitalization, Bitcoins parabolic rise in the 2010s-years.
It is a bold statement – however, crypto wolf has taken even the time to keep track of Bitcoins rise in the last decade to the potential increase of Ethereum in this decade. Apparently, both have (surprisingly?) well developed.
“This chart must not be ignored,” he writes tellingly.

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Bitcoins diagram seems to be consistent with the Ethereum pretty good, but there are too many holes in this way of thinking. The future growth of Ethereum depends largely on the release of ETH 2.0.
As noted by Coin Update reported: It will take some years to ETH 2.0 is fully functional and usable. It also seems very presumptuous to assume that Ethereum will follow the trajectory of Bitcoin. So the charts do not work completely. The Parallel make but a little suspicious.
The Tweet gets to crypto-Twitter a lot of Feedback, and reactions to the chart be mixed. Some criticize the crypto-wolf and believe that the “investment of the decade” is a great Unknown, which has not yet revealed.
In other words: A black horse to conquer the entire industry by storm. This is particularly prescient, since Ethereum is still struggling with the scaling, which prevents to reach to him so desperately desired distribution.
Other shillen their own Coins in the responses. Some mention IOTA, other Ripples XRP – but no one really delivers convincing arguments.
We should remember, that the Top 10 crypto-currencies looked like before 2017, yet completely different. We can probably expect that this will be in five years, back of the case. In short: It will die in the coming years, many “Top”-crypto-currencies, because the projects do not find a purpose.

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