So: feed the birds with the cryptocurrency’s bitcoin, litecoin, nano, or dogecoin – Breaking News

YouTuber ‘Mr. Dove has a live stream set up for all lovers of birds and people, using computer, in abundance. Viewers will be able to have the birds run by the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Nano, or Dogecoin, to make a donation to one of the four addresses.

A 50 cent donation

Mr. The deaf have with the recipient addresses given in the description of the video to be posted. The QR codes can be incorporated into the video. The idea is that you make a small donation of 50 cents will do. At the time the donation is automatically, food will be released. According to the YouTube page, the bird feeder is located in an urban area of the Slovak republic in Central Europe.
He explains how this is done:
“If you have a 0.5 USD to cryptocurrency, to one of the addresses above to send, you will receive a local computer, a message from the block.the io service (or of the NANO-junction (, depending on the currency). After that, the program sends a request to the Arduino, ESP8266 (at the feeder) to get the food to release. ”

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No contributions, yet, the food

As a donor, the decision is more than 50 cents to send, would have no use for it at any time. The feeder is only activated once. Now, let’s say it’s a bad koersdag for bitcoin, and your friends, you can imagine that there are hardly any donations have come in. Also, the bird is still being fed by the feeder is set to automatic, every hour, of food to be given between 6: 00 a.m. to 18: 00.
And now, the big question is, is there much to be donated? So far, there are 137 bitcointransacties made, 48 for dogecoin donations, for a 124 litecoin donations, and 768 in donations from the nano. Because of all of those blockchains are public, you can, as you will find.
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Mr. Dove is inspired by the Ourchickenlife. The same principle, but with the chicken, and bitcoin to cash.

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