Social Mining and XEM Staking is to give the former top-10 project back to life

NEM was once among the top 10 on Coinmarketcap. Since the all-time high of 2.04 USD in January 2018, is NEM slipped on the now 30 space. For far too long, the developer could, with the delivery of the promised Blockchain platform of the second Generation under the code name “Catapult”.

“A Blockchain is to announce the just – a functioning, reliable and accepted solution to finish that meets the demands of enterprises and authorities, however, very difficult,” – said recently the Co-Founder, Jeff McDonald, in an Interview. So he wanted to show the complexity of the Mission.

Main Points:

NEM has launched, in cooperation with DAO Maker successfully the Social Mining Platform NEM HUB.The HUB allows the Community with the contributions and activities of the project, in its discretion, to contribute.To qualify for participation, will be Staking provided in the amount of at least 4,000 XEM.The Community contributions and activities are evaluated in the reconciliation process of the Community and the HUB Admins. The monthly Budget for NEM HUB is at least $10,000 USD into the crypto-currency XEM. The distribution will take place on a weekly basis.

NEM with Social Mining by DAO Maker

The delay in the delivery of “years” has unsettled investors and the Community, and has led to lack of interest. NEM has turbulent years, the Management and the Organization of the company was several times restructured, most recently in this year. But in the end – this is what lasts often well. The Catapult project was umgetaufte in icon and is in the final Phase before market introduction. The information published so far are promising.

The icon platform is focused mainly on professional users and offers businesses and developers the Tools they need for rapid development and Integration of a reliable technology. A mixture of the Hyper Ledger and Ethereum, an Ecosystem, to create it, among other things, Hybrid block-chain solutions and products allowed to.

What do the Community and the Potential, the HUB provides? Behind the HUB is the White Label Software of DAO Maker, hides Social Mining and known from cryptography, called projects, such as LTO Network (LTO), Elrond Network (ERD), AVA Labs (AVAX), and many others. The Software is mainly used for education, Management and direct Integration of the Community with the respective Blockchain project. As a Blockchain project of the early Generation NEM has a global network of supporters (NEM is older than Ethereum!), which activate it now again and unite is.

XEM Staking should spark the interest again

The official launch of NEM HUB was on 15. July after a short start-up phase, and was especially popular in the loyal core of Communities from Japan and Russia. The HUB is not only the direct connection of the Community to NEM, but also the interface between the Communities themselves. So far, both have existed independently of each other without mutual interactions. A lot of the language and cultural barriers. To mention is also that NEM has entrusted the management of the HUB’s DAO Maker.

As the developer of the Software the Team which has already built up Communities of LTO, Elrond and AVAX has all the Know-How of the vertical rise if the Building comes to Marketing and Community. NEM has provided for the first month with a Budget of 5,000 USD in the native crypto-currency, XEM available and this is already 10,000 USD in XEM increases.

4.000 XEM is the only requirement

Participation is simple: Sign up, then a 4,000-XEM (approx. USD $ 195, stand 28.07.20) in the Wallet to stake and get started. The Staking is used to prevent short-term active Bounty Hunter, and the reward, especially to the loyal Community to distribute. Everyone has the opportunity to support over a HUB of the project. No matter whether info graphic Design, Video, Review, Translation, Memes, Podcasts, Tweets, dedicated article or just the Parts of the NEM Content on Social Media. All entries will be judged on the platform of the Community and Admins. In addition, there are Admin Tasks or campaigns to the Marketing, to achieve PR or technical objectives.

Who holds more XEM, gets more of the voting rights. Who receives more votes, is ranking better and higher rewards. Most of the payouts get the most active and highest-rated User. It is quality before quantity, bad actors get negative votes and come up empty. While in the start-up phase, the presence of the Admins is high, this should decrease with time, and the HUB in a DAO-Ecosystem transformed, the Community is gaining the upper hand.

NEM gets more attention, which could pay off

NEM is gearing up for the icon-launch in the Winter. The Marketing, Trading and BizDev Department, promise top-class results. Here, too, DAO Maker is on Board. Each XEM holder gets XYM, the crypto-currency Symbol in a ratio of 1:1. It is speculated that due to its soon to be a rise in the rate of XEM is – as soon as the Information is disseminated better in the crypto-Community. Important to mention is that both Chains will continue to be developed for different target groups and needs. For Symbol (XEM) there will be no Fundraising or Token Sale. The development is fully funded by NEM. All of the XYM offers on the market are fraud.

The registration is free of charge. The Punting of 4,000 XEM is the only condition for participation. The cooperation agreement between DAO Maker and NEM were completed for the HUB about 12 months. It could get might be worth, and to give his XEM a new value.

For questions there is a NEM HUB-Community Chat:

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