First block of Cardano undermined by a woman

One of the elements least analyzed within the crypto world, is the impulse that the technology Blockchain gives to gender equality. And is that, unlike the traditional financial system, where there is a significant disparity between men and women. Within the chains of blocks, all users are exactly the same. Something that is shown with the first block of Cardano undermined by a woman, as you said Shweta Chauhan in the Tweet of the day:


Cardano and the participation of women

Despite the great advances that have been achieved in the last century, in the entire world there still exists a significant disparity between men and women. And one of the sectors where the same is most clear is in the international financial system. Where economic opportunities tend to be much more easy to take advantage of by men than by women.

The technology Blockchain can change this permanently. Therefore, unlike the traditional finance where the relationships, and hence the personal bias they have a lot of weight. Within the chains of blocks as Cardano, all that matters is the contribution of users to the community. Thus allowing greater participation and benefits for women.

Thanks to kBLOCKs, today we got the first block of Cardano undermined by a woman. Source: kBLOCKs

Thanks to this, the crypto market today received the good news that he had mined the first block of the new version of Cardano, Shelley, by a woman. Being Shweta Chauhan the user behind this achievement, thanks to its stake pool in ADA, kBLOCKs. Which clearly demonstrates the importance that women have within the ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies:

“The first block mined by women in the Blockchain of #Cardano was A feeling so surreal! I think I’m going to cry #WomenInBlockchain“.

In this way, although there is still a long way to go to achieve equality, even within the crypto world. News as of Chauhan show that the cryptocurrencies are much more than a virtual currency. They are an instrument to achieve equality at the global level.

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