Stellar Foundation will give $120 million to the XML via an airdrop

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) provides a 2-billion-XML way for users of the Keybase chat app. The cost of these tokens with each other at this time, more than $120 million a year. Over the next 20 months and each month is 100 million, the XML given. Indicating that The Block of Crypto.
A great action, but if you look at the current price changes, there is little hope that the tokens are still worth so much in the past month of the campaign.
The price from the XML.

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Keybase is an alternative way of chat apps like Slack, WhatsApp and Telegram. Be the first one to 300,000 Keybase gebruikes can count on to be the first 100 million or XML. The other is 19 months old, you have to wait until the 15th of the month.
Identity is a tricky subject. Keybase wants to be in a spot to compete in the world of messaging apps. In order to do so, put the filled-in identity and privacy. You can use different internet accounts to connect with each other.


POSITION, and Keybase are connected to each other. The non-for-profit organisation, has invested in 2018 and in Keybase. This is a logical action. Keybase will benefit from a new, and more and more users. And you can be there to help you.
While a Stellar benefit in the distribution of their tokens. In order to do this, you must have a registered account on Keybase. It has to be in the chat app is also possible to use other XML to send out.

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With the announcement of the action comes with an outstanding pre-condition: if the action is not to run out of steam, then, after three months, the stop can be set.
In a free airdrop, it is usually a fun time. But don’t you dwell on the present value of the action. Due to the extensive term if you do not know what the value is on the end of it. However, if you’re looking for a new chat app is… other Than it is, perhaps, to take a closer look.
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