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The director of the FBI to go to the cryptocurrencies as a growing problem | Breaking News

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Christopher Wray, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), go to the cryptocurrencies as a significant problem that will become increasingly large.Wray made the statement while responding to the concerns of the senators about bitcoin and other criptoactivos, during a hearing before the Committee of the Senate of the united States. In the session, which was held this November 5, it was discussed on homeland security and governmental affairs, as revealed by a note published by Forbes. There, senators asked questions of the leaders of the FBI, Homeland Security and the National Center of Fight against the Terrorism on “Threats to the Homeland”.Mitt Romney, a republican senator, during the hearing asked if the cryptocurrencies represent, or is not, a threat big enough for EE. UU. take action.

I’m not on the Banking Committee. I have No idea how to work the cryptocurrencies. I think that it is more difficult to do the job if you can’t follow the money if this is hidden to us, and I wonder if there should not be any kind of effort in our nation to help us deal with the cryptocurrencies.Mitt Romney, senator from Utah.

For his part, the head of the FBI, responding to the question of the senator, said that the cryptocurrencies are already a problem.

For us, the cryptocurrencies are already a considerable problem and we can project fairly easily that will become each time bigger. It is very difficult for me to talk about if we need some type of regulation.Christopher Wray, director of the FBI.

Wray added that the terrorists are becoming more tech savvy and are looking for alternatives that will make anonymous their nefarious activities. The FBI chief further said that they are paying more attention to the cryptocurrencies, with tools that can monitor transactions cryptographic. He also believes that if EE. UU. do not put in order their affairs and keeps up to date with the new technologies, the country will soon find yourself blocked.However, despite the problems mentioned by the director of the FBI, the departments of justice of several countries were able, in October, to analyze the network Bitcoin and its transaction log to uncover a network of paedophiles on the web dark. The police discovered and arrested the owner of the site, of Korean origin, and the criminals in several countries, including the united States, United Kingdom, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Brazil and Australia.Also, an investigation of the portal of monitoring of the market of cryptocurrencies Messari, published in July, showed that the ratio between the dollars associated with money laundering and the funds in bitcoin circulating in the network dark is 800:1. The figure given by the study implies that for every fraction of the criptomoneda pioneer, equivalent to a dollar, which is spent in a darknet, an amount of USD 800 is employed in the laundering of capitals in the network oculta.De this way, the assertions of the regulators and heads of security of the digital terrorists prefer the cryptocurrencies, seem unfounded. In fact, last February Breaking News published data from several investigations reveal that the criptoactivos are not so used to criminal activity as many people think.The research of the expert, Yaya J. Fanusie, exanalista of counter-terrorism of the CIA and director of analysis at the Centre of Sanctions and Finance Illicit of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies of the united States, showed, in September of 2018, that the terrorists would prefer to handle cash to cryptocurrencies.However, while there are those who point out that cash is the king of terrorist organisations, also has been alerted about alleged sectors that have begun to show signs of adoption of cryptocurrencies with the idea of supporting terrorism. Last April, it was reported that jihadi groups it created multiple purses of cryptocurrencies to avoid detection of terrorist activities, although this is not shown.

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