The FBI says that the ICR is supported by a world champion in boxing, Floyd Mayweather scam – Breaking News

Robert Joseph Farkas, one of the founding members of the cryptobedrijf Centers of Tech has been found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud by the security cameras. Centra-Tech degree in 2017 and another $ 25 million on an ICON.

Mayweather, and DJ Khaled

Maybe, you know, the Centres of the Tech is still in their marketing. They did a large bind. The OIC was backed by big names like boxer Floyd Mayweather, and DJ Khaled. The idea was to have some kind of credit card you have on the VISA and Mastercard credit card terminals, payment can be carried out with cryptocurrency.

All of them are fake

However, it is all one big scam, according to the U.s. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The agency determined that Centers of Tech being non-existent, individuals came up with the team, including the CEO, Michael Edwards. Also, the company has no relationships with the Bancorp, mastercard, VISA, or Mastercard credit cards, nor have the proper permits from the united states, where they wanted to operate.

Attorney Craig Stewart, wrote the following in his statement:

‘Farkas and his co-conspirators met with their ICO investors love to invest in it. For this purpose, and for the millions of dollars of the digital currency on the basis of fictitious claims regarding the company. Including the incorrect views of the situation with regard to the claims of digital technology and its relationships with the legitimate businesses in the financial services industry. Whether it’s a traditional initial public offering, or new to cryptography is related to ICR, and in order to raise capital, by means of lies and deception is a criminal offence.’

A maximum of 10 years in prison

According to the ministry of Justice and the FBI, from may to October 2018 and beyond 100,000 in Ethereum seized, including funds fraudulently from investors, have been picked up.

The 33-year-old Farkas has been guilty of the two charges, which each have a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment may apply. Are strafdatum, it is not yet known. According to the international monetary Fund agreed to Farkas in a plea deal that calls for a sentence between 70 and 87 months and a fine of up to $ 250,000.

In may of 2019 at the latest he hoped that the co-founders of the Centers of the Tech and the business of the government to a halt by claiming that they are illegal means of privileged conversations with their lawyers occupied. However, as it is the case, it suggests this will mean you will not have salvation, or at least, not for Farkas. Are medegedaagden, Sohrab Sharma and Raymond to Rome in november for the judge to come in.

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