These 3 indicators will show you why Bitcoin is soon to be 10,000 dollars go

Since the beginning of the week, the price of bitcoin is more than 7 percent. But that does not necessarily mean that the price is going to drop. The three indicators will let you see the drop in this week’s weather may change in an upward trend.

Miners are showing the trend of the bitcoin

First of all, let’s hash, the ribbon is almost a buy signal to see it. You can see in the chart below, and are expressed in us dollars.

This indicator is based on the total processing power on the bitcoin network. Thousands of miners worldwide are processed daily in bitcoin transactions, and a set of equipment, and therefore the computing power to get it done.

In the hash, the ribbon will show the ups and downs of this is the ability to see it. It drops the line? It means that some miners will stop, and the computing power in the network decreases. This event is called miner’s capitulation certificate. When a miner’s capitulation certificate, when the price in the first instance, and then a strong repair.

The last time the indicator has a buy signal showed up in april of this year. This is a good moment to get bitcoin is to buy as the price rose, then 7,500, the $ 6.683 euros) to $ 10,000 (8.911 million).

Just before the new year, the indicator has a buy signal when it rose to the price of 6800 bucks (6.060 euros) to $ 10,500 (9.353 million).

The next buy signal appears and this weekend the form. What!

Think of the other way around

Sometimes it can be difficult, but to get the most benefit, you should do the opposite of what was expected. And, fortunately, there are also indicators as to the funds raised on BitMEX. That is an indicator you can see in the chart below.

On BitMEX, can you speculate on the price of bitcoin. If you go long, you expect a rising price. In a short series, hope you will understand that bitcoin is going to drop.

That’s one every 8 hours to calculate BitMEX interest in the position. Sometimes you need someone with a long interest to pay on a short position. In this case, there is a positive rate of interest. To pay a short rate to a long, then there will be a negative rate of interest. BitMEX to calculate this rate, the bitcoinprijs at BitMEX have to be in line with the bitcoinprijs on other platforms.

The indicator is the rate of interest is positive when the bars are above the middle line. In the case of negative interest, these beams are under in the middle of it.

But how do you use this in your analysis? A positive rate means that there are a lot more people are long than short. And that’s a sign to look out for. The summit is in sight. We saw you in February, and a lot of people went long, but the price went up and down.

Now it moves in interest rates around the middle, but mostly at the bottom. It’s an indicator, still, then this means that a current point of view, not the top. The exchange rate may continue to rise.

There is still fear in the market

Another way to put the sentiment in the market is to look at the fear and greed index to The index shows a score of between 0 (extreme fear) to 100 (extreme greed). You can handle ‘in the crowd’ again.

There is fear in the market, then it may well be that bitcoin is a bottom is reached. At this time, the indicator 40, which is in accordance with the indicator, still the fear of meant. Do you look only at this indicator, it is still a good time to get bitcoin is to buy it.

The Fear & Greed index is a weighted average of a number of factors. The volatility of the exchange rate will play a big part of it. If the exchange rate moves a lot, is that, according to the website, after the indicator is a sign of a fear of the market. Also, the 30 – and 90-day average of the stock price and daily trading volume are included. The trend Is bullish, then investors are slowly starting to be greedy.

In addition, it is also a question of sentiment on social media is taken into account, and there are surveys to be conducted in order for the emotion to be measured. Twitter and Reddit are the social media platforms are where a lot of discussions about bitcoin and the cryptocurrency s.

Finally, it looks me, the amount of search volume for keywords such as “Bitcoin” in Google Trends. But can also be a combination of words, such as the popularity of bitcoin price manipulation’. The latter is a sign that there is fear, there is in the market.

What is the bitcoin exchange rate to do it?

Back to the bitcoin exchange rate. What are the prospects for the next few days? The chart below shows the price in dollars, each candle represents four hours.

Breaks down the share price is above the orange line is 9,300 dollars (8.286 euro)? Can bitcoin be an attempt to do is to get to $ 10,000 (8.911 euros) to go up to the red line on the graph.

But in the short term is down it’s quite easy to accomplish. Yesterday, the stock price has a strong resistance at the orange line. On the work with bitcoin, not to 9.300 dollars (8.286 the euro to break up. Drop the price even further, then it will be 8.700 usd (7.752 euro) to get to the next level. This is the red line on the graph, since it may be a strong support.

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