Why is Craig S. Wright with the 50 BTC from 2009 moved recently?

Key facts:

Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, but it has not been proven.The self-proclaimed Satoshi denied having been responsible for the transaction.The new episode around the movement of 50 bitcoins mined in 2009 included Craig S. Wright, recognized in the community bitcoiner to present himself as the person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto —creator of Bitcoin— without providing evidence to support your statement.A user on Reddit, identified as Gabe Newell, noted this Wednesday, may 20, that the address that sent the bitcoins on that day form part of the list of alleged directions of Wright mentioned as part of the case, Kleiman v. Wright.That lawsuit, filed by the brother of Dave Kleiman, deceased former partner of Wright, accuses the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin to misappropriate a large amount of BTC belonging to Kleiman after his death.The direction moved the 50 BTC this 20 of may. The movement was confirmed by @whale_alert on Twitter. The publication fired the alarms in the community to identify Nakamoto as “possible” owner of the address.Some people in the ecosystem echoed this suspicion, because the bitcoins of the transaction were mined about a month after the creation of Bitcoin. At that time, a few people —including Nakamoto— ran the software that I kept walking to Bitcoin.What more flame the attention that this direction appears among the above-mentioned demand is that, until now, Wright has not shown that to control any of them. As pointed out the same redditor Newell, this move puts in trouble Wright.As part of its allegations, the businessman said he did not have control of the private keys of those addresses. According to Wright, those addresses were blocked in the now famous “ecosystem ” Tulip Trust”; a storage unit secured by the signatures of both.

How are the bitcoins of Wright?

According to the story of Craig S. Wright, a messaging service, would you give the keys missing —of Kleiman— to be able to unlock the funds. However, he gave no timelines or further details of this alleged operation.In this regard, Newell raises two possible scenarios: “if the story of Craig Wright is certain, the Tulip Trust is now unlocked and you can move your coins to demonstrate that it has”. Otherwise, Wright “still not be able to move any currency and fraudulent submissions will be made known to the court”.The answer of Wright evades the possibility that the address that was activated this week has been declared as his own in the legal dispute. According to the businessman, the list is not presented as a statement of their holding of BTC. “[The list address] is not produced as a representation of my holdings in Bitcoin, as has been reported,” he said in his statement, published on the portal CoinGeek.On the other hand, such a statement establishes that it was not their coins nor have any intention of moving any amount of BTC. In addition, said he did not want to speculate on the origin of the transaction, but argued that “despite the fact that Bitcoin was in its infancy starting in February of 2009, it still attracted several people from the computer science and circles of cryptography”.Something similar happened in may last year. At that time, as reported Breaking News, an anonymous user posted a message claiming his property on the other address that appears in the demand. The judgment was clearly against the self-proclaimed “creator” of Bitcoin, as they contain the message: “Craig is a liar and a fraud”.

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