You can buy a kit satellite to use bitcoin outside of the Internet

Key facts:

Up to now there are two types of kits satellite, the basic and the professional.

The kit satellite basic has a price of USD 279.99.

Today Blockstream revealed via Twitter and Reddit that the first batch of the new kit satellite of Bitcoin is now available to be purchased and connected to your node.

According to the data on the official website, the kit consists of a satellite receiver ready to connect to a node of Bitcoin at home. Until now Blockstream shared two types of kits, the kit satellite basic and the professional.

The kit satellite basic allows you to directly connect a node of Bitcoin and requires a computer with Linux to process the received broadcasts. The current price is $ 279.99.

The kit satellite professional has the same features as the basic kit, but has the additional capacity of a dual satellite to a data transfer more reliable and faster. In addition, it can provide data of Bitcoin to multiple devices on the same network. Has a current price of USD 749.

It should be noted that the satellites offer three options, demodulator, software application that processes the signal of incoming satellite and decodes the data flow of the same. These are: the software-defined Radio (SDR), the most accessible of the three; the Demodulator Linux USB; and the Demodulator autonomous, which would be the biggest cost.

Both products require an additional antenna. In the case that users do not possess one, Blockstream sells a antenna flat satellite for a price of USD 179, which is referred to as a more stylish alternative to a satellite dish.

These devices allow you to synchronize the blockchain of Bitcoin and verify transactions received. To be satellite provide greater privacy to users since it does not expose their data to providers of Internet services, as well as a greater resistance to the censorship of transactions.

It is important to highlight that the node of Bitcoin is installed, the node Bitcoin Satellite, which is a fork of FIBRE (Fast Internet Bitcoin Relay Engine), and, hence, also of the Bitcoin Core.

In may, Breaking News reported that Blockstream had announced an upgrade to its satellite network with new features: such as an increase in bandwidth, coverage areas and additional synchronization with a node of Bitcoin.

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