Bitcoin analysis: 4 evidence that the next epic Bull-Run will come

It is no secret that the capital inflows from private investors were the driving force for Bitcoins earlier Bull Runs. Fortunately for the bulls the following four symptoms indicate that the interest of private investors in crypto-currencies is increasing.
This is a good sign for the long-term upward trend, the analysts hope that it is just.

Proof No. 1: you want to buy All the Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) of Grayscale

According to Frank Chaparro of The Block of the Bitcoin Trust of Grayscale, which is traded OTC (not on established exchanges) under the Ticker “GBTC” is, in the year 2020, the second most active stock on the leading OTC markets in the United States.

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While gray is dominated scales of the investor base of institutional investors, and numerous Twitter Users that the strong impact of GBTC to Spot-BTC is in connection with the above increase in volumes is a clear sign that a certain genus of investors yells, once again, to the crypto-Exposure.
In fact, investors GBTC buy private rather with a high premium, as institutions, have well established futures markets such as CME or institutional service providers such as Fidelity Investments, access to Bitcoin.

Proof no. 2: increased volume on Coinbase

Also, data from the industry researcher Larry Cermak show that the average daily volume of Coinbase is shot in February in the height of what in the past was a “really good sign (for) the market.”
Figures show that the stock market has experienced in February so far, with a daily average Trading volume of 342,46 of millions of dollars. 342,46 million Dollar figure is almost three times the average in December 2019.

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This is important as Coinbase continues to be the platform for private investors. The fact that the volumes increase on this platform, is a good sign for the bullish perspective.

Proof no 3: Google Trends show increased interest in various crypto-terms

Data from Google Trends, the data suppliers by Google search trends suggest that the interest of the Internet a number of search terms in connection with crypto-currencies is increasing – and this also includes investing in digital assets.
At the end of last month, the Analyst CryptoKea noted that the search interest for “buy Bitcoin” has only recently reached a Seven-month High, and according to his analysis now at the level of “10” is.
This is important, because a strong surge of interest for this search term of small investors, not institutions – and the increase of these Search 2017 marked effectively the parabolic rally to $ 20,000.

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Not to mention the fact that more and more people are looking for “Altcoins”, “Bitcoin Halving”, “Ethereum” and other terms.

Proof no. 4: The spread of crypto to

This evidence is largely anecdotal, however, this author has noted a strong upward trend in the Mainstream media (CNN, Bloomberg, Barron’s, Financial Times, etc.), the reports on Bitcoin and the industry as a whole.
So CNN published at the beginning of the month an article about the rise of Bitcoin to $ 10,000 and tried to give his readers an insight into the revival of this competitive market.
In addition, CNBC has reported reported in the last few weeks, almost daily, about the crypto-currency, which is reminiscent of the climax of the mania of 2018, as CNBC TV in a single day on crypto-currencies in four different segments.
Like all media these Mainstream cover Outlets, which want to read their audiences – “more Bitcoin-the article” means “larger Public interest” in Bitcoin.
Bitcoin, currently at # 1 on the market capitalisation, has risen in the last 24 hours by 0.76%. BTC has a market capitalization of 176,55 billion dollars in a 24-hours-a volume of 42,94 billion dollars

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Eve Manning

Eve Manning

A native Texan, Eve first started out as a Finance Analyst and later realized that her true passion was not in trading but in writing. She leverages her experience in the Finance industry to analyse and write in-depth news articles covering the Cryptocurrencies, Economy & Finance industries.