1,000 million Ripple have been released

Ripple, 3rd criptomoneda largest in market capitalization has 100 million tokens, of which 43.299 million are in circulation; which means that not all have been released immediately, with the purpose of avoiding a flood of tokens, XRP, because this would hurt strongly the price of the crypto active. In may 2017, the company Ripple enveloped the 55 billion XRP in 55 contracts intelligent, to be released 1,000 million month after month, ensuring that the process is automatically, simulating the activity of mining that need other cryptocurrencies to be extracted. Is an initiative born thanks to the concern on the part of investors that Ripple could release millions of tokens without control, causing downs to steep in the price of the same. Thanks to this system, the past 30 of November was released at one of those contracts, but in this moment the situation is quite worrisome; as this increase in supply occurs in the middle of a fall that is reaching the zone of minimum of the current year. Price of Ripple makes a new low for the year 2019

Community crypto show a negative expectation compared to this new release of Ripple

The year 2019 has not been good for the XRP. The price has declined more than 30% in relation to January of the current year. A strong rise of market crypto to mid-June, led Ripple to reach USD 0.51, however, then it has kept falling steadily, reaching a new minimum of approximately USD 0.20256, located in an area where some hoped that the purchases were incentivized as had happened in the past. However, the majority of the traders in the market of crypto assets maintain a negative view in the short term. From the Twitter platform, different crypto influencers reinforce this expectation; such is the case of The Crypto monk, through a tweet made on November 30, ensures that you keep XRP during 2019 spent by taking up a large opportunity cost, and advises that you should not be looking for goals absurdities proposed by maximalist of the Ripple.

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