Bitcoin and sell Altcoins to buy? Why this strategy is regarded by experts as highly risky

The Bitcoin price is currently in a legal unspannenden sideways movement on the USD 9,000 mark. Although there are many reasons to be long term bullish on BTC, speak some of a “Post-Halving-Depression”. It is different, however, in some Altcoins this year. Just this week, Dogecoin has made “” in the entire Crpyo-Space in the headlines, as the rate was pumped by TikTok solid. But other Altcoins could outperform Bitcoin (+28%) this year: Ethereum (+83%), Tezos (+92%), Cardano (+258%) and Chainlink (+236%).

With this Win, some already speak of an Altcoin Season. Some sell parts of their BTC Position, in order to buy Altcoins, the higher the profits “to take”, and then again more buy Bitcoin. How promising this strategy is? We give you in this article some food for Thought to this.

Risky strategy – Bitcoin experts agree

The above-mentioned strategy to increase its Bitcoins due to a temporary Altcoin buying, of course, sounds promising. In reality, the strategy is to be implemented, however, difficult, because it requires that you know beforehand which of the more than 5,600 Cryptocurrency better than Bitcoin will perform.

Investing after a Pump like Dodgecoin this week, it is usually too late for the gains, and risking more money to lose by a subsequent Dump.

Many experts from these reasons, agree that there is no reasonable strategy is to sell Bitcoin to buy Altcoin Win then back to Bitcoin. The well-known Analyst PlanB this strategy this week on Twitter as a “strange logic”.

The large profits it makes when Hodln

Jason Williams, a Partner at the Crypto company, Morgan Creek Digital, the Bitcoin-Altcoin strategy as “super risky”. In his opinion, the most gains are made when long-term Holding of Bitcoin:

People are selling BTC to buy Altcoins and complete s**t Coins. I think this is super risky. I’m sure that if a truly honest historical analysis would be carried out, would show, that Hold is a superior strategy. In the same way as individual share buyers are losers compared to those that use an Index.

This opinion is also Matt D’souza, the CEO of the Mining Startups block-product Mining. According to him, it is completely irrelevant at which exact Bitcoin exchange rate you get currently when you go out, anyway, that the Bitcoin exchange rate reached in the long term, 20.000, 50.0000, or even $ 100,000.

The purchase to $8500 compared to $9300, has 0 relevance.

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