Bitcoin at 50,000 USD? How 1.042.600.000.000 USD and institutional investors with a firework could ignite

Bitcoin was developed as a “Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, i.e., electronic cash Satoshi Nakamoto. The dominant Narrative around BTC is today, but rather the digital gold (Store of Value) and as a result of uncorrelated Assets. Just in the course of the corona crisis, this type of use have strengthened the possibilities of Bitcoin in Portfolios of investors.

That seems to be longer in the case of institutional investors arrived. Some days ago the reported Grayscale has collected as a focal point for this type of investors incredible 185 million USD in just 7 days by investors and there are no signs of a slowdown in the development. But still have not studied all of them professional investors with Bitcoin. But what if 1% of the managed capital would be invested in BTC?

1.042.600.000.000 USD for Bitcoin?

This question has taken on Ryan Watkins of the Crypto-Research company “Messari” and comes to a clear result. The scenario would end in a veritable fireworks for Bitcoin, but why?

In a Post on Twitter he forwarded the findings of its analysis with the following question:

How would it look if institutional investors Paul Tudor Jones follow and #Bitcoin would assign a “low single-digit percentage”?

Here, Watkins refers to the a few weeks ago that become known to move by wall street legend Paul Tudor Jones, who makes a bet with his hedge Fund on a climb of Bitcoin with the help of Futures. In a Letter he described BTC as the “fastest horse”.

In the analysis of the Messari Watkins tried to make the best possible approximation to the world of institutional investors, managed capital. Under the assumption that they invest in the long term, only 1% of your capital in Bitcoin, comes an incredible total of 1.042.600.000.000 (1,0426 trillion) USD.

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Bitcoin exchange rate to USD 50,000?

Alone, this sum is at the present time, more than six times the market capitalization of Bitcoin. The Messari adopted scenario should occur, therefore, would have, logically, a massive impact on the Bitcoin price.

Much to the delight of all Bitcoin Fans this would not increase, however, is simply the market capitalization of BTC is around six times that, but even better. So Ryan Watkins writes:

As with @cburniske above, A result in – and outflows in and out of an asset is not necessarily 1:1 movements in the price of the asset and can be enhanced to much larger price movements.

This phenomenon is referred to as the “Fiat-amplifier”.
Although it is difficult to estimate, but Burniskes illustrative range of 2x-25x provides a picture of the possible outcomes (…).

According to the evaluation of the Messari, the adopted scenario could catapult the Bitcoin exchange rate is “slightly” more than 50,000 USD, and the market capitalization of over 1,000,000,000 (trillion) USD. With the aid of the “Fiat-gain” of the Watkins speaks, it would be actually even a lot more.

1% impossible?

While already no longer is that the long-awaited institutionalization of Bitcoin in full swing, is the Messari worked out the case extremely bullish. However, it should be said that it is unlikely that all the institutional investors BTC will be 1% in your Portfolio.

In addition, the example of Paul Tudor Jones, that not all of them directly into the digital Gold to invest, but also on derivatives that do not increase the demand and thus, not buying pressure. Nevertheless, in spite of was also said that the institutionalization can be a positive factor for Bitcoin and will not be, however, it is mandatory for the success of BTC is necessary.

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