Bitcoin mining in air-cooled containers? The German firm is to start with it

Copies Bitcoin brings with it a campervan, a mobile container, on the market of 144 ASIC bitcoin miners in. That’s what makes the company, in Frankfurt, today in a press release, announced, after a successful test in the air.

Copies Bitcoin

The container is used outdoors in the hot mining equipment to cooling.
The recording and filtering of the air is done by the fins on the outside of the container to be attached. These reduce the cooling air to the computers.

The new air-cooled technology has been optimized for all of the seasons in cool places. With this release we are going to the locations in the nordic region, open to the bitcoin mining.
Moritz Jäger, chief technology OFFICER of Northern Bitcoin

For example, the company has a water-cooled container on the market. The company currently operates 21 of the water-cooled container in Norway (Lefdal mine, located to the north of the Mountains, to red), with each of the container 210 and ASIC.
The German company will enjoy a cash prize of €0.032 to €0.044 per kilowatt-hour of green electricity (in Norwegian hydrocentrales, red), as evidenced by their latest published semi-annual report ” (PDF).
That will make the mining of bitcoin is profitable at the current bitcoin price of over $10,000 per unit.

The water-cooled variant is the same as the air-cooled container on mobile devices as well. Therefore, this alternative is also flexible in a variety of places to install it.
Moritz Jäger

Cost of bitcoin

How much does it cost now to get one bitcoin mining? The cost varies depending on a number of local factors, such as equipment and energy costs.
More recently, the publicly-traded Canadian company, Hut8 its quarterly financial results to be known. It was noticed that a single bitcoin is for them, for an average cost of $2.757.
At a current price of more than $10,000 on the market seem to be mining companies fat profits.
Since the inception of bitcoin in 2010, miningbedrijven a total of $14 billion was earned by the mining of bitcoin.
According to the authors of the Coinmetrics, it is likely that the income will be in 2020 more than us $15 billion.

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