Bitcoin Mining in comparison – Which BTC-Miner is currently the best?

The Halving 2020 stands in front of the door and so the topic of Bitcoin Mining is again on everyone’s lips. Therefore, we want to introduce you to in this article, the current Bitcoin Miner from Bitmain, what miner and StrongU. In our Bitcoin Miner comparison, we will show you not only the cost, power consumption and Hashrate, but when you get to the Hardware Break-Even Point.A choice of two Bitcoin Miner from Bitmain, three Bitcoin Miner of what mine and a DASH Miner of StrongU are. Who makes the race?

Bitcoin Mining Hardware comparison

In a few days, the large Bitcoin Halving 2020 instead, and appropriately, the finds have positioned the various manufacturers for crypto Miner with even more Hashleistung per device. But the Miner from Bitmain and co. can keep up to what their manufacturers promise? For this, we have turned to the Bitcoin Mining experts of MeaTec, and the devices under the microscope.You want to operate Bitcoin Mining, but do not have a place and also the electricity is too expensive? Then take a look at the Bitcoin Mining Hardware All Inclusive Hosting package MeaTec to. The boys and girls of the mines for years and have found a way to make real Mining Hardware is accessible for everyone and profitable. Get started today and let your first BTC Miner work for you! Now the Miner start!

More Hashleistung, less power consumption

The Miner, the latest Generation have one thing in common: you have to Pay high Terrahash and a lower power consumption than their predecessors.The new Bitmain Antminer S19 / S19 Pro and the MicroBT what miner M30S, M31S and M31S+ all previous ASIC Bitcoin Miner in the shadows. But they also offer an early Break-Even Point or you should think about a Dash Miner as the StrongU STU-U6?

Bitcoin Miner – Figures, Data, Facts

Profits are calculated on the comparability on the basis of MeaTec Service offer: current price of 0.058$ per kW/h, the Bitcoin price 6850$, Dash 73$.

Bitcoin Mining with a Miner from Bitmain is currently undefeated

On the basis of the data in this table, a clear winner can be elect. The new Bitmain Antminer S19 and S19 Pro bring in the best result. Your efficiency of the MicroBT what miner fails to lengths. Depending on the provider, however, these are also more expensive. Here you should consider carefully whether you can afford such an expensive Miner, or want to. Despite (or perhaps because) of this high cost, you should not forget that the Bitcoin Halving is coming up (may 2020). In this case, the Mining Reward of 12.5 cut in half to 6.25 BTC. The Bitcoin price until then, and then stagnate, then the Break-Even Point of the different Bitcoin Miner is extended.

Dash and the Halving of risk

The uncertainty of the Bitcoin price development after the Halving you can handle easily, by putting on the Dash Miner STU-U6 of StrongU. Although the Dash has a recurring Halving, but this happens about once a year. The next Dash Halving will take place on 27. April 2020, instead of. The Mining Reward is not halved, but was reduced to 1/14 (four-tenths) (approximately 1,553 approximately 1,442 DASH). This makes Dash Mining predictable as the Bitcoin Halving.Bitcoin Mining can be worth it still, you just have to know how! For example, with the Bitcoin Mining All-Inclusive package of MeaTec. Because in the package, the Team of MeaTec ensures that your Miner is working always profitable! Here, you invest in the Hardware & attack on the longstanding experience of the team back. Get started today and let your first BTC Miner work for you! Now the Miner start!Which Bitcoin Miner is suitable, in your opinion, best for the Bitcoin Mining?Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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