Bitcoin will be $ 28,000, it falls back and then goes to $ 100,000

Bitcoin is totally back with a vengeance. Last night it came to the race with the highest point of the year, but less than $ 11,400 (9.717 million). The last time the price of bitcoin is so high, it was in August of 2019.

The price action of the past few days, a lot of investors excited about. So, it was Max Keiser, bitcoininvesteerder from the very first day.

Bitcoin will eventually be worth more than $ 100,000

Keiser believes that bitcoin is going to $ 28,000. After that, there is a solid fix before heading into a six-digit value goes up. This is meant to Keiser that bitcoin is more than $ 100,000 in value.

Peter Schiff does not believe in the positive bitcoin

Keiser, let’s not to comment on Peter Schiff. The latter is a well-known goudinvesteerder, who on a regular basis (negative) opinion about bitcoin, let hear from you on Twitter.

As such, it was the Ship last Monday, a skeptic about the chances of a bitcoin for $ 10,000 to the bridge. Mind you, this tweet was sent out prior to the race through the magical border and it broke.

Great opening

The comments from Peter Schiff & Max Keiser seem to be a bit silly, but Twitter is at least amusing. It is also refreshing to have a different opinion on bitcoin is, among all the bullish tweets from the last month.

And how do you get it look at it look at it, the price of bitcoin still remains above $ 10,000 (8.525 million). It’s a bit of a problem, because bitcoin is sand at the moment, even at less than 11,000 dollars. But it seems to still be a tough nut to crack.

Here you can see the bitcoin price in the past 24 hours:

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