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Bitmain: New AntMiner S15 and T15 With 7nm Chips

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Trying to relaunch itself in the crypto-course – Bitmain announced on Twitter to launch new ASICs for the SHA-256 (Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash): the Antminer S15 and T15. These will be the first new generation ASICs produced by Bitmain, and they will, therefore, be equipped with 7nm chips.


Specific Functionalities

These new products will present, in the same way as the miners offered by competitors such as GMO, two modes with differentiated efficiencies: a so-called “high performance” mode delivering maximized hashrate, as well as a so-called “energy saving” mode supposed to offer a balance between a hashrate that remains competitive, but at a lower energy cost.

They will also be the first miners of the brand to be delivered with an integrated power supply. It should be noted, however, that the specificities of this food remain to be clarified and that they would not be standard, according to the first indiscretions.

The question could then arise as to whether it will be so easy for a typical buyer to purchase a potential adapter.

With better Performance – Without being Exceptional

It will be possible to see the improvement in the performance of the new ASICs in Bitmain compared to the incumbent Antminer S9 : the S15, the most powerful of the two new ASICs of the brand, thus displays in “high performance” mode a delivered hashrate of 28 TH/s, while the T15 reaches 23 TH/s ; two scores to compare with the 14 TH/s of the S9 family and others.

However, it is difficult to say that the giant hit a big blow to differentiate itself from its opponents in crypto space. As a reminder, GMO already displayed a hashrate of 33 TH/s when opening preorders for its minor B3 in July of this year.

Pre-orders for this first salvo will come to a priori in Santa’s hood, with a provisional date announced for the second half of December.

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Belinda Carey

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