Bullish for Bitcoin: crypto-market capitalization approaches $ 300 billion

The market capitalisation of the global crypto market is approaching a high for the Year and is on the verge of a major 300-billion-Dollar-limit.

A limit has not been exceeded since 2017 – and only briefly in may 2018 and June 2019.

Since then, the market capitalization of crypto has moved on-market, however, generally sideways, with the exception of a break-in in March of 2020 because of the lock downs, of which she has now fully recovered.

Top-Kryptos by market capitalization, July 2020,

Bitcoin remains dominant in terms of market capitalisation, while Ethereum has put on a little weight, and now a $ 27 billion approaches.

Tether has taken the third Position with $ 10 billion, not far from – considerably more than the BCH, the Nemesis BSV yesterday to 4%, it will has.

Cardano has seen a pretty big jump from 26% of the Coin received a network Upgrade and Smart Contracts.

Chainlink was a few months ago approximately in the vicinity of the ranking, now the Coin is 2 billion dollars, supported by plenty of shillings from 4chan.

Quite a new addition is Tezos, which also rises and a 2 billion Dollar, but its price is still at $ 2.50.

The more established Player Bitcoin and Ethereum do not move much, but Dogecoin, the seven-year-old Meme-Coin, of TikTok a boost and a jump of 46% is experiencing.

Then there is the Defi-Coins. Compound has not moved much, but Aave can look forward to a jump of more than 4.9%, and is now approaching a market capitalization of $ 260 million.

The leaderboards will be so re-arranged, with Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to dominate – however, new Coins and Tokens and make for a fairly dynamic and evolving Ecosystem, in which there are still many opportunities.

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