“Buy Bitcoin,” advises another billionaire VC investors, in order to avoid the massive Deflation

Bitcoin is a hedge in a deflationary cycle, said the billionaire and venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, in an Interview with CNBC on Tuesday morning.The Chairman of Virgin Galactic and CEO of Social Capital praised the crypto-currency for their lack of correlation with traditional markets.He quotes Paul Tudor Jones, a billionaire hedge Fund Manager, that Bitcoin have accepted a reputation as a safe haven.”Buy Bitcoin” is the Mantra against the ongoing global financial crisis.
The last to jump on the crypto train is Chamath Palihapitiya, a billionaire venture capitalist with a history of investments in start-UPS, which should later be of Google and Microsoft acquired.
The Social Capital’s CEO spoke with CNBC about the huge discrepancy between a suffering economy and a jubilant stock and bond market.

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Prior to his mention of Bitcoin Palihapitiya criticized the U.S. Central Bank to ensure that you have brought in a stimulus package that helped the assets to inflate – instead of helping the taxpayers and consumers.
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He added that the step of the Central Bank, neither the income disparity would solve the unemployment. He had only allowed a few units to play in the financial markets, in order to earn more money.
The conversation shifted to the deflationary aspects of the stimulation by the Fed. While Palihapitiya praised the efforts of the Fed to protect the U.S. economy in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, he warned that the decision of the Central Bank to buy ETFs with business debt, and their balance sheets continue to balloon, “could accelerate a really bad deflationary super-cycle”.
On the question of where investors should invest their capital, while the economy shrinks, said Palihapitiya: “Bitcoin”.
The Veteran praised the crypto-currency for their lack of correlation with other traditional assets. He believes that this Feature alone could help the investors against deflation-exporting economy to hedge. For this purpose, he quotes from Paul Tudor Jones, the founder and CEO of a 22-billion-Dollar hedge Fund that pursues a similar approach.

“Now he looks suddenly even on Bitcoin and the reason is [that] we are in a massive deflationary cycle.”


“I still have trouble to find something that is uncorrelated with all the others, such as Bitcoin.”

Adaptation of Wall Street

Tudor Jones had declared on Monday to CNBC that he holds about 1-2 per cent of the net portfolio in Bitcoin Futures. The billionaire Investor praised the crypto-currency as Palihapitiya for you to act as an insurance policy against the massive money printing of the Fed.
There can only be 21 million Bitcoin, according to a pre-programmed limit, which is engraved in the source code Delivery. In the meantime, the Rate of new Bitcoin units mined is halved automatically after four years. This is the third such event in the eleven year history of the crypto-currency took place on the 11. The end of may.
The power of Bitcoin under the risk of an infinite supply, theoretically, to a better asset than national currencies. Investors in the crypto currency industry, referred to the massive price boom of Bitcoin after the reduction, or “halving” of the offer rates of the two previous years, and noted that the same could happen after the third event.
“At this time, in the governments large amounts of money to print, will decrease the Rate of new Bitcoins,” says Muneeb Ali, co-founder of the block stack, compared to CNN. “But the demand for Bitcoins has increased.”
The narrative has even made one of the leading Bitcoin skeptic to a believer. Banking giant JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon described the crypto-currency as early as 2017 as a “fraud”, began on Tuesday, two large U.S. crypto companies as customers.
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