Casper Labs sells its chips through a stewardship ontario in order to raise $ 3 million

Casper Labs has arranged the sale of its chips native CLX on the platform Bitmax Exchange Validator (EVO). This project, executed in the form of an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), has a mission to provide the tokens to collect $ 3 million with a price of $ 0.01 per CLX.

Casper Labs puts its chips on sale

The platform Blockchain Casper Labs is associated with to perform the IEO of its token native CLX. Through this partnership, the start-up Blockchain will have the opportunity to put its assets on the underlying structure of BitMax, Exchange Validator Offer in order to complete the sale of chips CLX.
As explained in the press release, the transaction will take place in three phases followed by a public sale of chips. During the first phase, the token CLX will be traded to 0.01 dollar on the platform, the EVO, while the price will increase to $ 0.02 during the public sale. The IEO will end the 6 April.

The IEO highly sought-after since 2019

Following the collapse of the market of crypto-currencies by 2018, investors prefer to place their funds in assets to more secure and safeguards such as stewardship ontario to deal with the business of crypto-currencies. Many proponents of digital assets may also want to protect themselves against the risks presented by the ICOs.
As A reminder, the Initial Exchange Offering is a fundraiser that is based on a pre-sale of assets via a crypto-exchange, the structure regulated who is responsible for ensuring the security and legitimacy of the offer.
As Casper Labs, a large proportion of sellers of crypto-currencies and refugees on these stewardship ontario to launch their assets, like BTSE who has managed to raise 3 million dollars in just four hours.
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