ETH/USD Price Analysis – Market Sentiment Review – 10/11/2018

eth-usd price analysis - 11 October 2018

If things are good for Bitcoin, for the second biggest token in the market it’s no different. In truth, the window is still lower.

After the rupture of the symmetrical traced triangle (break of the LTA), there was a perfect replication of the height of the triangle for low, coinciding with the first point of buying resistance close to the house of 187 USD.

However, we have absolutely no optimistic indicator: RSI indicates great chances of looking for a sale and a crossing in MACD, with the opening of the selling force by its histogram, is very clear and the market will be able to test next farm, to the house of 170 USD.

Until the clearest reversals are provided, it is difficult to measure a sales price. We do not recommend entering this par in the middle/long term; only for short operations, such as scalp and day trade, if the reader is able to perform them safely. Fundamentalists must spend a long time.

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Beryl Jones

Beryl Jones

Beryl is a journalism graduate with keen interest in technology. Beryl has been attracted to Bitcoin and other digital currencies from 2009 while she was still pursuing her graduation. She loves writing articles and covering news on cryptography, digital currencies and related subjects.

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