Ethereum Bullrun in front of the door?

Ethereum is one of the pioneers in the field of DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Although there are now some candidates were able to place themselves also in the field of decentralized applications (e.g., EOS, Tron, Tomochain), but in the end, Ethereum is the undisputed leader. This is mainly due to the long Track Record and the amount of documentation. But the financial crisis has also made Ethereum.The ETH exchange rate has fallen within a week of approx. 250 USD to under 100 USD. This has not only many DeFi proponents in the unrest, but also some problems in the network shown (MakerDAO, DAI). But now it seems to go for Ethereum back uphill. The curly ETH in Smart Contracts for Defined applications have in the last 3 days to recover, although the Ethereum rate has seen no significant increase.What is Ethereum (ETH)? The Smart Contract platform, is perhaps before the next Boom due to the DeFi-area?

Ethereum roller coaster in the DeFi area

As the corona crisis reached also the crypto market, a total of gelocked over 3 million ETH in DeFi-applications. This number fell abruptly as investors your curly Ethereum from the Smart Contracts obtained, in order to sell these, or at least for a possible sale at the ready. The number of ETH that were gelocked, has fallen by more than 600,000 ETH. This was also accompanied with the problem in MakerDAO.Now, however, the DeFi seem to be recovering applications on Ethereum. The number of curly ETH is again increased to about 400, 000 ETH. This shows that investors have confidence in Ethereum and the different Defined applications. It can be assumed that many investors are pursuing long-term intentions, and thus the supply of Ethereum on the open market to reduce.

Risk and opportunities of Ethereum 2.0

The recovery associated with the recovery of the entire crypto market. In addition, it could come as early as this year, to the exchange of PoW (Proof of Work) to PoS (Proof-of-Stake). The process of any sensible staking arrangement to participate, you must have a minimum of 32 ETH and punting. This could therefore reduce in the future the number of available ETH and the course more air to enter.However, the upcoming Update also carries risks. Ethereum is currently still in its Experimental Phase and there is no guarantee that the Update goes without problems. Although there are no gross problems should show up, where users can, for example, your ETH to lose but, nevertheless, a certain amount of danger.You are looking for a suitable Portfolio Tracker also makes your taxes? Then you should definitely take a look at Accointing. Portfolio Tracking, optimization, and taxation are made easy here. Get the Maximum in your tax Declaration. Sign up for free and 10% discount save!

DeFi needs to prove himself first

This year we will know whether the promising area of DeFi will actually meet expectations. Currently DeFi is nothing New. Most of the applications in this area, we had already prior to this Buzzword. It simply has to get a new name, and suddenly, the year 2020 all in the name of DeFi.If, however, should prevail DeFi really spacious and Ethereum continues to be at the top, it could lead to a positive ETH course. Because the range is reduced by the curly ETH in the DeFi-applications in Staking in a sustainable way. We remain excited and will keep you posted.How will Ethereum and the DeFi area? Can we expect a ETH rate increase?Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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