How Verge (XVG) Became the Most Trusted Coin Among Crypto Investors

How Verge (XVG) Became the Most Trusted Coin Among Crypto Investors

FORT MYERS, Florida – Verge (XVG) has made their presence this month and is already claiming the title of most trusted coin among crypto investors this year. Verge used the original Bitcoin blockchain which aims to provide decentralized direct transaction while protecting individuals’ privacy.

On April 17, don’t be surprised if this cryptocurrency will be on its lowest as announced by Sunerok, lead developer and creator of Verge. People are speculating what the future will hold for VXG. Even though this will put them on buy low/sell high perspective, Verge is positive that they are expecting an amazing price run.

Crypto verse is looking forward and ready to reap big from this news. XVG coin is doing well that even with the price drop, they are gaining their price which is a proof that their trajectory is toward success. This solidifies the belief of the investors that Verge is the most trusted coin among crypto investors. They see this project as an underdog and that the true value is taking away from limelight because of negativity.

Verge has made a smart move by focusing on privacy. It helped them take control and change the ball game. Very soon, Verge will rise to the top and nudge competitors out of the way. Numerous mysterious partners have opened their door for this project, and the big question now is when the value of XVG will shoot up.

According to the recent interview by “The Larry and Joe Show,” Sunerok dropped a major hint about a massive 75 million net from crowdfunding. As exciting as it sounds, Sunerok did not fail to mention that a dip must happen on April 16. As much as he wants to give out more information, he gave a teaser that will interest crypto investors.

To entice crypto investors more, XVG will be part of the top three cryptocurrencies. A partner that is yet to be revealed will take exclusive ownership of the coin. It is not impossible for this coin to reach $1 level by October, as it gained even the most trusted coin among crypto investors title. So for the mean time, it is advisable to keep your coin until then.

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