IOTA applies in a project of social media focused on the privacy

Following a public announcement, IOTA will use its technology of decentralized governance data based on the general Ledger on a platform of social media called SOSIETY2. According to the statements of Ben Royce, head of development of the structure, the social network would allow for a customization and exclusivity of the controls on confidentiality by the users themselves.

A social network based on the Tangle

After you have served the supply chains, the voting policy or even the payments, the DLT will now be offered its services in the world of social media through the use of technology IOTA.
In an announcement on twitter, the developer of SOCIETY2, a social network that is respectful of the privacy and personal data of its members, has described this initiative as an alternative to the structures currently present, like Facebook or WeChat.
In this case, SOCIETY2 will be before the nodes of the Tangle (the DLT IOTA) to manage the data, so that each member is able to monitor and maintain control of its information.

The “freedom” to be found in the control

In its publication, Ben Royce, head of development of SOCIETY2 is spread on the importance of data control in a social network. Also it was felt that this confidentiality is the freedom, which is why the platform is based on the DLT IOTA is quite different.
In depth, the system of SOCIETY2 are distinguishable from other in the sense that it will be ” portable “. This means that the user is not satisfied with his current group will be able to migrate to another platform by moving all of its information. In sum, Royce says that each will manage the whole of their identity as a sovereign manner.
What do you think of this social network developed on the DLT of IOTA ? Give your opinion in the comments section.
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