“It’s altseason to bitcoin by the $ 10,000 price break’

Changpeng Zhao was a guest on the Bloomberg Edge: Asia. The chief executive officer of Binance, talking about why bitcoin is not even $ 10,000, it is all altcoins are rising. [CZ] also say that the altseason is, after all, more than 60 percent of all futures contracts in altcoins and not bitcoin.

In addition, he said that of the 200-up Binance to offer, and there are only 3 fell in the second quarter of 2020.

Bitcoin is better than fiatgeld

After that CZ is talking about is the bitcoin exchange rate and altcoins, and went to the interview with a question about the twitterhack with the hackers, the people scamden to get bitcoins is to send it in. CZ:

‘Bitcoin is more transparent than the fiatgeld. If anyone has a bank to rob, then it is very difficult to get the cash back. With bitcoin, you can make the payments using the blockchain. People now have to figure out where the bitcoins are going. I am confident that the perpetrators can be identified. It’s only been a couple of days, so you have to give it a little time. Bitcoin didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just a hacker that is bitcoins, since the value of it.

The reporter from Bloomberg suggests, then, that this happened to bitcoin, however, is in the wrong place. [CZ] an understanding of why the hacker to bitcoins and ask: “Bitcoin is a better form of fiat, is better to send anonymous. Bitcoin has really received a lot of publicity. If a tweet, Elon Musk: well, about bitcoin?’

Bitcoin is a lifeboat that you can go to

He was also in on the idea of bitcoin as a safe haven may be for you to keep. “This should not be taken literally, as there are a lot of factors that influence the price impact. It is a reddingsbootje next to the Titanic. The boat can be dragged by the Titanic, the boat with the quality that they are safe, and you can drive. The stock market is a thousand times greater than that of the cryptomarkt, and if the stock market falls, you will see that the investors, who are also in bitcoin, a bitcoin sell for the cash to be able to. However, with an unlimited supply of fiatgeld, you will see that the properties of bitcoin is to ensure that people of bitcoin is to buy for value at risk.’

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