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A Trader in the Extra class is in you? Do you think that you and your analysis on a global playing field can push through? Now you have the opportunity to put your Trading Skills and to gain glory and honor! And by the way, you get, of course, the Chance to win your share of prizes in the amount of 150,000 USDT!

It is the latest Trading contest of our partner, Okex, the traders in the world challenges you to show what you are made of. Of course we crypto Monday, leave it to us as a Team to participate in the contest and cordially invite you to our Team of hard-nosed traders to join in this exciting competition. The prospects of profit are lucrative, but let’s you in the following explain exactly how the Whole thing will work.

It is important to know in advance, in each case, that the registration phase has already started yesterday. Start of the competition, however, is only the next Monday (10. August) 12 noon German time. You will have enough time for you in the contest to read and make yourself familiar with the rules. Even more important, however, is not that you forget, you the crypto Monday-Team on his way to the success of connect!

Join now to the crypto Monday Team!

The end of the competition the 24. August 12 o’clock German time. The Trading competition will last for exactly two weeks.

The winner will be determined at the competition

The winning Teams and participants will be selected according to their commercial rate of return. It is, therefore, no matter whether the Team brings a total in excess of$ 1,000,000 or only$ 10,000 on the scale. Only the Performance and Team Cohesion. The calculation is carried out as follows:

Income of the individual member = (account balance – beginning amount – amount of deposits + the amount of the withdrawal) / (initial amount + amount of the Bank Transfer)

Team-return = (all positive gains of the team / entire Team Deposit) * Team-coefficient

All the positive gains of the team “from the sum of positive profits of each Team member are calculated, of course”.

The profit is calculated from the account balance at the end of the competition minus the initial account balance and all other deposits during this period.

An Example:

Team crypto Monday consists of Trader A and Trader B. Trader A starts the competition with an initial Trading capital of$ 200 and Trader B with$400 in the process.

The account balance of a Trader A is on the end of the competition 450$. In doing so, he pays once during the competition, another 150$ on his account. His profit is calculated as follows:

Profit (Trader A) = 450$ – 200$ – 150$ = 100$

The account balance of a Trader B is at the end of the competition, also 450$. However, he did leave once during the competition, 50$ from his account. His profit is calculated as follows:

Profit (Trader B) = 450$ – 400$ + 50$ = 100$

This results in a team yield a total of 200$ (100$ profit from traders A 100$ profit from Trader B) can be calculated.

Note: lifting during the contest period, better to not have funds from your Perpetual Swap, Futures, Options, Spot and Margin accounts, as your total return could not otherwise reach the minimum requirement.

What the team is coefficient?

To avoid that the number of Teams is too large, and thereby the intake rate of the team is reduced, we will use the team coefficients, the intake rate of the Teams with a large number of traders to adapt.

The Team coefficient is calculated as follows:

Team-coefficient = 1 + number of effective traders * 0,02

We continue the above example that would be for the Team crypto Monday with Trader A and B

Team-Coefficient = 1 + 2 * 0,02 = 1,04

and, consequently, in the

Team-Return = (200$ / 600$) * 1,04 = 34,66%


The larger the Team is, the more positive and larger the influence of Team Rate the Team return. Because we remember:

Team-return = profits of the team / total deposits) * Team-coefficient

However, there is a Maximum for the Team coefficient, which is achieved at 100 Team members and a value of 3 is not so excessively large Teams will benefit too much from their sheer number of members.

Join now to the crypto Monday Team!

Conditions of participation

Only Teams whose members have, during the competition period, a total account balance of more than 5,000 USDT in their Futures, Perpetual swaps, Options, spot and Margin contracts, and a team size of ≥ 10 members, can get a Team ranked rewards.

Only participants with

A) a total of ≥ 200 USDT in their Futures, Perpetual swaps, Options, spot and Margin-contract accounts during the contest period

B) a user with a cumulative trading volume of more than 10,000 USDT during the competition

C) Full KYC2-Review

can receive the individual ranking rewards.

Note: Only users with a cumulative trading volume of more than$ 10,000 during the competition and complete KYC2 verification during the contest period, can participate in rewards for the Team rankings.

The lucrative prize list for the winners

The bonuses, based on Team awards and bonuses for individual traders. The respective rates in terms of placement in the contest, you can refer to the following two tables.

Payout for Team awards. Source: Okex.Payment for individual premiums. Source: Okex.

Note: Even if you are a member of the crypto Monday-Team leads to do you meet until you automatically for the ranking as an individual Trader, provided that the (listed above) minimum requirements.

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