Minecraft deploys the technology Blockchain thanks to a new plug-in

The company Blockchain Enjin enhances its solutions for the industry of gaming through the design of a plug-in from the developers of Warcrafts. Its main attractiveness lies in the creation and selling items from the collections virtual on a Blockchain.

Plugins Enjin Crafts

The company Blockchain Enjin wants to change in regards to the sale of virtual items in the video game Warcrafts. Thanks to the introduction of the plugin Blockchain ” EnjinCraft “, developers can design virtual items on their servers , without having to create a single line of code. Each created object represents a token that is non-fungible, which has a unique value in the ecosystem of Warcraft.

“The players now have a tangible interest in their game universe, and the server owners can create new types of experiences addictive using objects from the collection and name-brand items with a rarity and a value in the digital world,” said Witek Radomski, co-founder and technical director of Enjin.

The EnjinCraft also allows players to exchange their virtual goods in any security mode peer-to-peer (P2P) via servers and market places digital.

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The crypto-wallets to EnjinCraft

The tools put in place by the plugin Enjin Craft include essentially an application portfolio designed to preserve objects of collections and virtual tokens Enjin. Another feature highlighted by Enjin Craft, the trading of Ethereum and tokens Gear between players of Warcraft.

The ecosystem Warcraft, however, is not her first experience Blockchain. Last February, the server Minecraft SatoashiQuest has launched a large-scale treasure hunt in which participants must find a bitcoin hidden in the virtual world of Minecraft.

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