More common Browser seems to be a lot of Good, changed the name to the Bold

In June, he got the image of a Good personal blow. A person revealed that, for the privacy-oriented web browser, a partner link is used when you see the web site of the Binance by for a visit. This is for a lot of users don’t go down well in some cases. As the CEO of a Good web Browser, offered his apologies, but this couldn’t be prevented that there is a schism occurred in the community.

The name seems to be a lot of Good

This division is called the more common Browser, and it is a direct copy of the open-source code is Good. Open-source means that the code is available to the public, and for everyone to see.

However, the most important of all, the name is more common Browser seems to be an awful lot on a Good internet Browser. That was Brendan Eich, and he is the CEO of Good. He’s not in it, and sees it as a violation of their trademark.

In the tweets, says Eich, also, that more common kind of Browser, not that they will be able to make use of the servers of the Brave: Success. They have to change their name, come up, and in-house services and deliver the updates to roll out. No free rides on our servers.”

On a crypto news website The explains to Eich, his point of view further: “It has nothing to do with open source is that we can use for our web browser. Open source is not the same as for a trademark license. These are things that are of a legal nature is different.”

As of now, it is the Bold Browser

More common Browser, and has, therefore, changed the name to the Bold’s Browser. Report this to the authors of the initiative, on Twitter: “Due to legal threats from a member of our community, by a certain party ” ( .. ) we changed the name immediately and we will remove all associations to the browser, which is not to be called.”

The BAT share price has not suffered from this soap opera

The things are not meet with all sides in Good and Braver, but in the course of the BAT, there doesn’t seem to suffer. The BAT is a token that is associated with the option at the web Browser. You can use the option at the Browser, then you can use the token to receive as compensation for viewing the ads. On the other hand, advertisers can use the token to use for advertising.

The share price of Bat has been on since June rose to a high of 26 cents at the end of the month of June. At this time, the price of something has dropped to 23 cents.

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