NEM is preparing for the launch of Symbol, its new platform blockchain

Key facts:

NEM, NEM Studios, and NEM Ventures will be integrated in a new entity, the group NEM.As a central part of the announcement, are the new plans for governance of the platform NEM.An announcement made by the team of MEN exposed what are their plans with respect to its governance to prepare for the launch of Symbol.The plans of MEN turn to prepare the ground to launch to the public its new platform Symbol. This is a platform blockchain decentralized, open-source, with which you want to take the traditional companies to use technology pascocoa-based blockchain. What NEM aims to achieve with Symbol is to reduce their operating costs and at the same time provide new ways to create value. Symbol will be launched at the end of 2020.In a press release, are presented the various phases that lead up to the launch of Symbol. From 7 April until 7 may, there are plans to familiarize the community with the roadmap for the launch of Symbol. From may 7 through July 7, NEM will be sessions approach with key groups, to help to receive efficiently the feedback from the community.In addition, it is expected to implement a scheme of voting, through which the community can express their preferences in relation to the product, marketing, issuing of tokens, and other aspects not revealed yet. The intention is to ensure that the plan of voting becomes a process of continuous, self-sustaining and decentralized.On the other hand, NEM ensures that the community will be informed of everything that is happening through its different channels of information. In addition, it will give users multiple sessions AMA (Ask Me Anything), in different regions of the world, with a variety of languages which include the Spanish, the japanese and the English, among others.

NEM announces its new organizational structure

In the announcement also explained that the three entities known as the foundation NEM, NEM Studios, and NEM Ventures, will advance to a single frame only and common. This new entity will be called the Group NEM, and such change will not affect the performance of the entities mentioned above.In the following image, provided in the press release, you can see easily how will the new organizational structure.New organizational structure of the Group NEM. Source: Document the Ecosystem of NEM – Plans for the Future and Structuring.The new governance approach established by the core group of MEN, and the three entities, has three priorities:to Organize centrally all issues concerning development of software, consulting and treasury management of the existing entities.Create a project plan-formal, and a roadmap, you are ready on the 17th of April. Such a plan will include everything necessary to achieve the launch of Symbol.Involve more of the community of users of NEM, so that they can participate in assignments and receive specific incentives. The 7 of may we will publish a document with all the specifications.The formation of a Group of NEM is referred to in the communication as “a positive step and collaboration to ensure that Symbol is best supported until the release and beyond.” He adds that it is an appropriate structure “to help NEM to participate in open source projects and business after the launch”.

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