New report: Bitcoin could in the short term, attract large capital inflows

Bitcoin is on the threshold of large capital inflows from the neighboring market for stable coins, such as from a weekly, Glassnode published research note shows.The On-Chain market, analysts stress that the net supply is increased, linked to the Dollar Token is higher than Bitcoin.Conclusion: it Is kept more money in Stablecoins, increases the chances for Bitcoin to start in the short term, a new price rally.

Bitcoin is forecasting a potential mass migration from the Stablecoin market with a massive capital inflow, reported Glassnode.

The train-based data service writes in its weekly research note that the supply of Stablecoins have surpassed that of Bitcoin. The Fractal indicates an increase in the demand for the U.S. Dollar-linked Token.

Traders and investors can take advantage of the new Stablecoin Repository, in order to promote the Bitcoin market.

These digital Dollars tend to improve the liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. Traders use them to buy crypto-currencies, or to sell, without having to Bank switch-on and looking for stability during high volatility Trading periods.

Lower Bitcoin Volatility

In the last few weeks, Bitcoin is stuck in a tight Trading Range of $ 300, with traders are able to have a clear short-term Direction to be determined.

The Bitcoin price is trading sideways in the range of 9,000 to 9.300 $. Source:

Theoretically, this should reduce the demand for stable coins but your offer rate is on the rise nevertheless. Top Stablecoin Tether, for example, last week reported a market capitalization of about $ 10 billion.

Glassnode it is referred to as a “money is ready”, before it flows into the Bitcoin market, based on Bitcoins so-called Stablecoin Supply Ratio.

Bitcoin, Stablecoin Supply Ratio. Source: Glassnode

“This metric represents the ratio between the money supply of BTC and the supply of stablecoins – underlines the theoretical willingness of money to flow into BTC”, – stated in the extracts. “The more money is kept in stable coins, the higher the Potential for a large inflow of capital in BTC is the short-term.”

The statement comes at a time, to observe the number of analysts the Bitcoin market on his next outbreak out. Josh Rager, a US-based crypto-Trader, said on Sunday that a lower volatility of Bitcoin tempted typically travel 30 to 60 percent in one of two directions.

“From the current price: a 30 percent upward movement 12.200 Dollar,” writes Rager. “A 30% downward movement is $6.500.”

Bullish or not?

While a greater supply of Stablecoin could push the BTC price up, recalls Glassnode the fact that the same capital could be Hiking in the altcoin market. Excerpts from the memo:

“With this increase in the Stablecoin-offer, we could see how people prepare to shop with BTC. But this money could also be used for any other purpose, e.g., for the entry in the Altcoinpump.“

Almost any alternative Top Cryptocurrency has achieved in the past quarters, better profits as Bitcoin. The Staking Coins Cardano and Chainlink rose by 28 per cent and 53 per cent, compared with 0.17 per cent of profits from Bitcoin.

Glassnode added that investors could hold due to the uncertain macro-economic Outlook, stable coins as a store of value.

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