News cryptos last time

In the news quick today, get to know some of the news cryptos last time. Starting with the predictions of Bitcoin, continuing with the temporary suspension experienced by BitMEX this Tuesday. This and more in our article.

Bitcoin could be worth $ 50,000 and a 100,000 then the Halving of the Blockchain

The investor of Bitcoin and a research analyst, Tuur demeester score, you do not see that the currency will fall below $ 6,000. After the last Halving of Bitcoin, with a price of at least $ 50,000 certainly possible in the future. In a video posted on the YouTube channel of the research firm of crypto, demeester score said that Bitcoin (BTC) was “back in a bull market” after the Halving. “I think a price target of $ 50,000 is not a madness… Even I would say between $ 50.000- $ 100.000”.

BitMEX is disconnected briefly during this Tuesday

Continuing with the news cryptos today, BitMEX is disconnected briefly during this Tuesday, causing chaos in its users. In addition, BitMEX upgraded the incident to a “major interruption” and turned off the engine of negotiation. During the incident, the website reported that your API and your front-end web were operating.

Nasdaq harden the rules of the IPO for Chinese companies

Another of our news cryptos is that Nasdaq, the second largest stock exchange in the world, will introduce new constraints to the initial public offering, or IPO. To avoid that the chinese companies most small to appear on the list, suggests a recent report from Reuters. The applicants chinese IPO tend to lack accounting transparency and have “close ties with the powerful experts,” according to sources of Reuters. So, according to reports, the new rules will establish a minimum value in the size of the IPO for the first time on Nasdaq. While a total of 155 chinese companies have gone public through Nasdaq since 2000, 40 of those IPO proceeds do not reach $ 25 million. As shown by the data cited in our news cryptos.

Blockchain brings the banks to the digital currencies

Finally, the central bank of South Korea, the Bank of Korea, has conducted new research and analysis on the progress of the digital coins by a central bank, or CBDC, all over the world using Blockchain. The bank published its “progress Report of CBDC abroad” in which the institution analyzed the projects of CBDC of 14 central banks. Also it became known that the bank discovered that recent advances in the settlement of payments, the technology of accounting is decentralized and the sharp falls in the use of cash are the main factors driving central banks to investigate and develop CBDC. In addition, according to the report, the central banks of Sweden, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong, have revealed the implementation of the technology of accounting distributed in their respective investigations of CBDC.

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