No one wants ethereum to sell 77% of moves for six months and not Breaking News

More than three-quarters of all ethereum, on the so-called Externally Owned Accounts (EOW) is six months. That is, in the opinion of analyst firm Glassnode.

The gulf of Hodl’ass

Ether can be in one of two ways to be saved, in EOW and contractadressen. A EOW, it means nothing more than that, you have ether in your wallet in the store. Ether that contractadressen, can be used for smart contracts.

The details of the Glassnode show that the number of the ether will begin to appear on the bitcoinners: It is becoming more and more HODL-behavior. HODL, it is one of only two of the hold, and the act of holding your coins, regardless of whether or not the stock price up or down to move it.
And the numbers prove it:

77,7% of the free supply of air is in one half of the year will not be moved
A 57.6% a year, still
31,6% has been for the last two years without being disturbed

With bitcoin, 42.8% of all the bitcoins for at least two years, have been left unaffected. These figures can, in fact, not just a one-on-one with each other and compare them. There are a lot of differences in use cases between bitcoin and ethereum.

Over the course of the ether

Even if you are in a crash from the 12th of march included, has the aether as a good by the year 2020. Since the 1st of January of the price, with a 64% increase. Bitcoin this year, with a 21% increase. Earlier today, we wrote about the importance of the 200-MA (including the comments) will be for bitcoin. Below are all of the different moving averages over each other.

And what do you find? The current moving averages of the ether are similar to those of bitcoin in the year 2015. Once again, the two coins are, on a fundamental level, cannot be compared, however, with the future development of the Ethereum 2.0, it is reasonable to assume that the demand for ethers is growing. Just as with the block halving can be a catalyst for bitcoin might be.
Below is the stock price of the ethereum expressed in terms of sats, the smallest unit of a bitcoin. A satellite is a one-hundred-millionth of a single bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).
At the beginning of the year, you will see that the valleys become higher and higher. Ethereum will be more and more sats are worth it. If, due to the halving of the dollar value of a bitcoin is rising, it would seem that the dollar value of ethereum here at the to be able to lift.

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