Technological institute of Mexico certifying undergraduate degrees in the blockchain of Bitcoin

The Technological Institute of Monterrey (Tec de Monterrey) in Mexico, you will be awarded a bachelor’s degree validated in a system of credentials decentralized, in which the blockchain of Bitcoin acts as a trust provider. Now, the high school graduates graduates will be able to validate your documents online. Previously the school made use of the technology of accounting distributed (DLT) in may 2019, when issued certificates to its graduates in college.

New graduates will need to download the open source application for smart phones Blockcerts Wallet, developed by the company Learning Machine in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with the objective of issuing official records using the technology of accounting distributed.

With this application is to the effect that the graduates can have control over their credentials securely, and at the same time they can share it with whom they choose to do so, such as, for example, employers, potential partners, educational institutions, companies and organizations across the world that can verify its authenticity without the need to make direct queries to the institution, as noted by the Tec of Monterrey into your website.

After downloading the application, graduates must register as new users and automatically it will create your private key. The next step will be to enter the Tec of Monterrey, using the invitation to institutional previously the technology sent to you by email. Then, the graduate will receive their academic credentials in your email account where you can add the document to your digital wallet by clicking on “import my credential”.

In comparison with the diplomas on-line, traditional certificate-based blockchain are not subject to forgery or alteration. However, the authorities of the Tec of Monterrey pointed out that the graduates concerned may also arrange their titles in a paper, as well as the title in electronic format .XML that is requested by the Secretariat of Public Education of Mexico to manage the professional certification.

The technological institute of Mexico specifies that among the advantages of validating a title in the blockchain of Bitcoin is to that what is registered is not tied to any public identity (like a social media profile or an account of school), allowing the graduate to choose when and how you want to share information, which makes him responsible of the management of their documents.

The titles validated by a blockchain is a modality that has been implemented in the universities of the world. In Spain, for example, three universities of the region of Murcia agreed to implement in whole, during 2020, this validation process to minimize the falsification of academic diplomas.

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