The Chinese prefer the more crypto-currencies than the Blockchain

November 28, 2019 by Clementine

While Xi Jinping, the president of the people’s Republic of China, urged the chinese population to further deploy the technology Blockchain, Yedong Zhu, the president of the Association of technologies of application of Blockchains Beijing (BBAA), has revealed that chinese firms focus more on the crypto-currencies on the Blockchain.

Only a handful focuses on the Blockchain

On the 28, 000 businesses Blockchain identified currently in China, only 4 000 of them focus heavily on the technology Blockchain.
In fact, nearly 90% of companies Blockchain chinese, is a number of 25 000 companies approximately, have attempted to issue their own crypto-currency.
These figures were collected at the conclusion of a joint study between the Academy of social sciences of China, the chinese Association of payment and clearing Association, the Association of technological applications of the Blockchain Pekin as well as the academic Press in the social sciences, led by the people’s Bank of China (PBoC).
The result summary of the study would have resulted in the publication of a report entitled : “Bluebook on Blockchain “.

China, always reluctant to crypto-currencies

Despite the real enthusiasm which can be noted since the announcement of the President Xi Jinping in October last, for the large-scale deployment of the Blockchain on the chinese territory, it should be noted that the campaign is limited to the technology, and does not include in any case the initiatives related to crypto-currencies.
This ideology was reinforced by the new wave of crackdowns on local businesses related to crypto-currencies.
Earlier this month, the unit of the Chinese central Bank Shanghai announced that it will be intransigent towards all entities that engage in activities related to crypto-currencies.
Do you think that these 4000 companies would support the development of the Blockchain Chinese ? Respond in the comment section below.
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