The demand for Bitcoin will increase

According to a report of ZUBR Research, the retail demand of Bitcoin will shoot to significant limits. In a period of 8 years, explains the study, there will be little liquidity of Bitcoin because the supply of digital currencies existing will be outweighed by the demand.

In the same extent that the occurrence of the following two Halvings, and the supply of the main criptomoneda decrease, the price of Bitcoin will experience a steep climb.

Although the study focuses on this goal for 2028, ensure that already for 2024, it will force this trend. In fact, the report explains that, currently, the Bitcoin has already entered a new phase of rewards.

The role of the Halving

A little less than two months, the network Blockchain of Bitcoin experienced the third Halving of its history. It is an event that occurs every 4 years and that reduces to the half the bounty paid by the network to the miners for each block as valid processing.

Just before that cut of 50% of the reward, the inflation rate of Bitcoin was approximately 3.8%. Recently, the same continues to decline and is located around 3.5%. At the time that inflation will continue to decline, the retail demand eclipsará the emission rate, which will be a crucial point in 2028.

To get an idea of how low it will be broadcast from the main criptomoneda and how this can allow the advancement of the demand of Bitcoin, it is enough to take into account the availability. Currently, 90% of the bitcoins in existence (21 million), have already been mined. Mean that the remaining 10% will be mined until the year 2.140.

In other words, in 10 years it is mined 90%, and, on the other hand, in 120 years, reduce the 10%. We are in the presence of a crucial time for investors.

The demand for Bitcoin will exceed the available supply in a period of 4 to 8 years. Source:

The impact of the demand and the shortage will make it difficult to access to Bitcoin

The great burden for the users, will be the liquidity, confirms the study of ZUBR Research, “the bitcoins physical will be much more difficult to get.” This opens the door to other issues that are keys for Bitcoin, for example, its role as a store of value.

Comparisons of Bitcoin to the gold, are somewhat common. The parallels between the one and the other, you can feel following the start of the current pandemic of the COVID-19. The demand for Bitcoin, then the fleeting fall of march, was of large dimensions and institutional investors, according to Forbes, continue to buy the criptomoneda mass.

As demand experienced by the gold, as long as their bid remains low. He stressed, however, ZUBR, there is an obvious difference. In the case of gold, the shortage is due to the closure of the mines by the pandemic, while the scarcity of Bitcoin is a product of “nature perpetual permanent criptomoneda”.

From 2024 to 2028

The central point of the report is that the growth of demand for Bitcoin, will trigger due to the participating retailers. The trade of these could be increased to obtain 50% of supply physical even in the Halving of 2024.

“The extrapolation of future demand at that pace points to a change is very dramatic in 2028, when the rate of supply of Bitcoin will decrease more and the address-size retailer is to take all the new offering for themselves”, highlighted.

The last 5 years, the growth of smaller investors has remained stable. Continuing this, the restrictions of the offer could get you there faster than expected.

Another paper of great weight, that can do that is trend is of dimensions even greater than those predicted by the study of ZUBR Research, are the CBDC. The cryptocurrencies sovereign central banks, they will create a global infrastructure for the mass use of digital currencies.

In this area, the Bitcoin, as the criptomoneda more important and popular, it could be one of the main protagonists for the movement by these infrastructures created for the international trade. This can be treated an increase of dimensions of the demand for Bitcoin.

Data to be taken into consideration

The next few Halvings of Bitcoin is scheduled for 2024 and 2028.The amount of Bitcoin total is 21 million coins. However, some analysts claim that about 3 million have been lost forever in wallets forgotten.The increasing pace of new miners entering the market, to undermine the 10% of the criptomoneda, will make the demand of Bitcoin is over and your offer is very limited, which will have an impact on your price.The inflation rate of Bitcoin continues to decline rapidly. In just two months, has declined from 3.8% to 3.5%. This is due to the growing demand of the main criptomoneda.The new era of the digital currencies of the central banks (CBDC), could be one of the major impulses for the mass adoption of Bitcoin.

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