The Human Rights Foundation to start a fund for privacy, bitcoin is in a struggle for human rights, the BTC Immediately

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has set up a fund for developers to support the bitcoin network is a private, decentralized, and resilient, to make. Because of this, can bitcoin be used as a financial tool for human rights activists and defenders, civil society organizations, and journalists around the world.

The first gift is for CoinSwap

The non-profit organization, HCF was headquartered in New York city. The goal is to have the human rights all over the world, to improve it and protect it. He wrote yesterday in a press-release in which it was announced.

As a first gift from the fund was given to Chris e. belcher, a Uk-based company that is working on a technology called the CoinSwap. With the CoinSwap, it becomes more difficult for the state and for the private sector to monitor bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin is a powerful financial tool

Alex Gladstein of the HRF across this gift:

‘Human rights defenders and journalists around the world are faced with increasing financial repression in the form of frozen bank accounts, restrictions on foreign funding, and the supervision of payments, and the general difficulty of earning income or receiving gifts. Bitcoin is for them, is a powerful tool that, in addition to the encrypted berichtenapplicaties, such as Signal (), and projects such as the Tor Browser, and SecureDrop.’

“At a time when the network of the bitcoin is getting better all the time, it’s not nearly as useful, and private, as it should be, with the authoritarianism and surveillance is that in many of the countries in the future. With more support for developers, such as Chris, the activists make it possible for donations to be received, as well as their important work is under increasing pressure to continue.’

According to the announcement, receive a second grant in future to a third-party developer is given. But as to why it chose HCF for bitcoin?

Bitcoin has all the right features

In contrast to the banking and payment services in the traditional financial systems, bitcoin is global and without borders. Users do not have to account, it does not have to be identified in order to use the service and their business may not is censored, or frozen by the authorities.’

“It is not possible for government agencies, businesses, and people with a lot of bitcoin to change the rules of the network, has to change in order to prevent unauthorized access to the system, or to allow more bitcoin to be printed. Users can set a password of their money as a series of words to store, or remember, what the seizures are very difficult to make. All of these features, bitcoin is a lifeline for the defenders of human rights, particularly as to the privacy, and the usability can be improved.’

To donate in bitcoin, and us dollars

The fund is also using a crowd-funding campaign to be filled, of which 95 per cent of the collected donations will be used to facilitate the work of the selected developer to finance the operation. You can use the dollars, but also in bitcoins make a donation through There is a little more than $ 5,000 will be donated by the two sides.

In the world today, there are Bitcoin developers are often self-reliant, almost exclusively rely on the generosity of the scholarships, and businesses, according to Gladstein. “Hopefully, we can have the HRF fund to other organizations in the nonprofit and academic world will be inspired to make Bitcoin research and the development of software to support it.’

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