Tron goes to the USDT – A Viable Partnership?

Tether operations limited, the corporation of foreign currency translation trust in crypto-currencies has recently issued USDT network of Tron based on the protocol TRC-20. It is stablecoins indexed on the dollar, which allows crypto-users to make transactions fast and transparent on the network of Tron.


The USDT-Tron put in place

Tron is one of the crypto-currencies are the most promising of the ecosystem of digital currencies. His token, TRX is today recognized for its speed and efficiency at the level of international payments.

Recently, his network has welcomed a new stablecoin thanks to a partnership with Tether.

The new Stablecoin USDT-Tron is now available for use on the Blockchain of Tron.

As the announcement of the boss of the company, Justin Sun, on Twitter :

“Today, the USDT is launched on the Blockchain of Tron. USDT is issued by Tether on the network of Tron based on the protocol TRC20 “.

Moreover, he adds :

“There will also be an award total of US $ 20 million for 100 days. USDT will be quick, free, and intelligent “.

Justin Sun insists to add a new stablecoin in the ecosystem Tron

The USP of Tron has clearly emphasized to introduce the USDT in its network in order to speed up the transaction process, including restrained by the current system that it regarded as outdated and expensive.

He said :

“The current solution is very outdated and extremely costly, slow, and unreliable to other stablecoins. Therefore, once we have acquired the infrastructure USDT-Tron, I think that the whole community Tron and the entire community, Blockchain will benefit from the abandonment of Bitcoin. “

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