Try this, Gold: Bitcoin whale moved BTC to 670 million $ for a fee of 26 cents

As a vehicle, with the huge sums of money quickly and cost-effectively around the world can be moved, Bitcoin is second to none. Currently, a whale has only paid 26 cents for the Transfer of a massive $ 670 million.

Proponents of various Altcoins to make a big deal out of it

Bitcoins allegedly high transaction fees. Admittedly, the fees for Bitcoin are higher than other block chain based digital currencies. But this is also true for the level of security, the Bitcoin users is guaranteed.
There is no other way, hundreds of millions for less than a Dollar so proven to securely send.
There is no shortage of Reports about massive Bitcoin transactions with tiny fees. In February, for instance, it came to a 424 million-Dollar transaction, in which only a fee of 68 cents was obtained.
Today, the Mega-Wal-Transfer exceeds this, however. How crypto-industry observers Sunny decree (@Sunny decree) in a Tweet highlights, has transferred a Bitcoin User just a massive sum of 670 million dollars for only 26 cents.

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The unknown Person or company was transferred on 1. April at approximately 20:55 PM 106.857.24571944 Bitcoin between two Wallets the GMT as a whole. As the analyst stresses: With Gold – the precious metal, with the Bitcoin is often compared to, would not have been possible.
The recent global efforts to repatriation of Gold to show, how time-consuming is the Transfer of large amounts of Gold is. Only the Netherlands, Turkey, Germany and Poland have performed in bars in the last few years, gigantic logistics projects for the relocation of their gold.
Alone, these operations cost billions and take years to complete. Since Gold is a physical Good, it must be after his arrival at the place of destination round-the-clock guards, also with considerable costs.

What currency is any other Crypto?

The supporters of other digital assets tend to the Argument that the chosen crypto currency is better than Bitcoin because it offers lower transaction fees. The past, however, is entirely the point.
These so-called Altcoins, the type of security that Bitcoin offers is missing. With a network Hash Rate that is far higher than that of all other digital assets together, there is simply no safer way to send this kind of money for such a low cost.
It is no coincidence that in other networks, no such large transactions, with approximately the same frequency take place. There is no Altcoin with the same confidence in the security.
Although the Bitcoin network is currently experiencing approximately the highest volume of transactions, the low fees for such a huge transfer in terms of the scaling is certainly encouraging.
How to Coin Update recently reported, cause a decline in transaction fees that the network will provide more users with greater Benefit. And Bitcoin reached this order of magnitude without compromising the own decentralization.

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